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Canvas and leather luggage, handmade for you

We use only high-quality and sustainable materials for our luggage, such as full-grain buffalo leather and cotton canvas. These original fabrics give our weekender bags, backpacks and duffle bags their honest identity. Our bags go through countless steps and each piece is unique.

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A good journey is hardly possible without good luggage

We are fascinated by the symbolism of luggage. Like hardly anything else, the sight of duffel bags and suitcases can trigger wanderlust in us. Thus, the history of travel is irreversibly linked to the history of luggage. The choice of the right piece of luggage has always been based on the choice of the means of travel, even today.

In the past, luggage for ship and train journeys often consisted of trunks or chests, but with the development of the aero plane and the car, there was a need for smaller and more compact pieces of luggage, such as suitcases and travel bags.


What is meant by luggage?

Luggage is understood to be the protective and transport containers for items of daily use that one carries with one when travelling. Anyone who has ever experienced transport damage or even the loss of a piece of luggage knows the importance of good luggage. Luggage includes handbags and all bags that can be carried on the body, such as backpacks and fanny packs. Suitcases, garment bags, duffle bags or travel bags are used to transport clothing or larger items. Cosmetics and body care products are usually stored in toiletry bags. Travel wallets and purses are suitable for documents and means of payment.


What luggage should you own?

No two trips are the same. Therefore, the choice of luggage depends on the type of trip. As check-in luggage or checked-in luggage, we recommend using suitcases that are as robust and light as possible, or made of polycarbonate or aluminum. Two sizes are perfectly adequate: size M - height approx. 65cm, approx. 60 litres and size L - height approx. 75cm, approx. 80 litres. In addition to the suitcases, we recommend a backpack as hand luggage, which can also be used for excursions at the destination. This backpack should have lockable inner compartments for valuables and, if necessary, a padded laptop compartment. For short trips and additional hand luggage, we recommend using a duffel bag or weekender. This piece of luggage is the most versatile and can also be used as a sports bag, for example.


What type of luggage is best for travel?

We recommend the use of suitcases as check-in and check-in luggage for air travel. As a rule of thumb, a size M suitcase (60 litres) is sufficient for trips of up to 7 days. For trips of one week or more, we recommend size L (80 litres). It is essential to use a suitcase scale to accurately measure whether the weight of the filled suitcase is below the maximum permitted weight per piece of luggage. It is therefore essential to check in advance how many pieces of luggage may be checked in per person and how heavy these pieces of luggage may be. These requirements may differ for short-haul and long-haul flights.

For journeys of less than 7 days, a duffle bag can also be considered. For air travel, especially if the luggage is not to be checked in. However, the respective guidelines for hand luggage must be observed. In addition to the maximum external dimensions and weight, this also includes the list of prohibited items. The parameters can vary from country to country and from airline to airline. For short trips or travel by car, we always recommend the use of travel bags or weekender bags, as suitcases are often too unwieldy and impractical.


What luggage is allowed on the plane?

Unfortunately, the number, size and weight of hand luggage are not uniformly regulated. This information should be obtained directly from the airline, also with regard to the destination. Other guidelines may apply for short trips than for long-haul flights. However, a maximum size for hand luggage of 55 x 35 x 26cm and a maximum weight of 8kg are accepted by most airlines.

In general, we recommend taking only what is really necessary when travelling. Nothing is more of a hindrance when travelling than large amounts of luggage. Especially if some of the things you take with you remain unused at the end of the trip. In addition, the risk of loss or damage increases with each additional item.

It is better to pack cleverly and allow enough time for good preparation of the trip.