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Duffle bags for the adventure of a lifetime

Welcome to DRAKENSBERG. We are experts in high-quality travel duffle bags designed in the 18th and 19th centuries. Eras in which travel was still an adventure and travelers were adventurers. Let our products inspire you and experience the trip of a lifetime with us.

Real craftsmanship

100% genuine leather

Pure cotton

Vegetable tanning

Of passion

Luggage based on historical models

We use only high-quality and sustainable materials for our products, such as buffalo leather and cotton. These authentic materials give our weekenders, backpacks, and duffle bags their genuine identity. Each piece goes through over a hundred steps of handcrafting. Every item of luggage is unique. Our production is SEDEX certified, and we exclusively use leather certified by the Leather Working Group. Socially responsible, sustainably produced, and affordable through direct sales without intermediaries.



Every scratch, every stain, a memory of a good trip.



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Ein Hauch von Hollywood
Apple TV

A touch of Hollywood

Drakensberg bags have made it to Hollywood again! Our bags were used as main props in the Apple TV production "Constellation".

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Willkommen in Darjeeling

Welcome to Darjeeling

It is these moments for eternity that make every country special and every trip unique. When you can feel your own presence and understand the world around you. These big and numerous small moments...

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Die Wüsten sind sein Atelier

The deserts are his studio

Art is adventure: Carsten is restlessly drawn to the desert seas of the world. This creates poetic declarations of love for nature. Pictures painted for eternity from the elements of this earth.

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