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Toiletry Bag "Sid"

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Wanderlust describes the desire to travel. To open up the wide world. To feel freedom and to overcome boundaries. To give in to this feeling means to be ready to take on new perspectives, to make new experiences and to grow from them. Few experiences shape us as human beings as a journey can. Yet it is precisely the less planned journeys that can develop such special strength. Just get going. Just plan from one day to the next, let yourself drift, let the impressions work. It is this spontaneity and flexibility that inspired us to create our Wash Bag. Especially on road trips it is simply not worthwhile to unpack and repack your luggage regularly. The luggage then needs to be well organized. Like many bags, this Wash Bag has a military origin. As part of the classic marching baggage it is still used today for space-saving storage of cosmetics and personal care products. Once unfolded, the case shows its true size with many storage compartments and the practical fastening option. If required, the metal buckle can be used to hang the toilet bag on a hook. When setting off, the Wash Bag is then simply rolled up again and secured with the leather strap. A fine piece of travel culture. And nowadays, instead of cosmetics, writing utensils, tools, charger cables, computer accessories and headphones are also welcome.

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