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High-quality duffle bags made of leather and canvas

The ideal bag for short trips, business travel, or as a stylish gym bag. Handcrafted duffle bags made of leather and pure cotton, with authentic details, sustainable, durable, and incredibly practical. A classic duffle bag is an investment for life.

What is a duffle bag?

Travel bags are elongated bags with short carrying handles and are part of the classic travel luggage. They are the ideal piece of luggage for a weekend trip or a short vacation of up to 7 days. Duffle bags are available in various sizes, from small to large. The bags are usually closed with a long horizontal zipper. To facilitate the transport of the travel bag, all our bags have a detachable shoulder strap. An alternative term for a duffle bag is a weekend bag or weekender bag. Duffle bags are typically unisex and can be worn by both men and women. Duffle bags are often more flexible and lighter than suitcases.


What makes a good duffle bag?

A good duffle bag should be durable and have a timeless design. Ideally, you would pass down the travel bag to the next generation. Our premium leather duffle bags are inspired by the design of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These design eras still influence the designs of leather goods today. The material of the duffle bag should be durable and preferably made of natural materials.


What makes a good duffel bag?

A good duffel bag should above all be durable and have a timeless design. In the best case, the bag should be stored for the next generation. Our leather duffels and canvas weekender bags are inspired by the design of the late 19th and early 20th century. These design eras are still influential in the design of leather goods today.


What features should a duffle bag have?

Size, dimensions, and capacity:

Make sure the travel bag offers enough space to store your clothes and belongings. Depending on the duration of the trip or personal needs, you can choose from different sizes. Also, consider the requirements for carry-on luggage by the airline for air travel.

Material and durability:

Look for high-quality materials such as durable cotton or sturdy leather to ensure that your duffle bag can withstand the demands of travel.

Carrying options:

Check if the duffle bag has various carrying options, such as a detachable shoulder strap and handles, so you can comfortably carry the bag as needed.

Organization and compartments:

Consider if you prefer duffle bags with different compartments and organizational features to neatly store your clothes. Duffle bags with interior and exterior pockets, zipper compartments, or separate shoe compartments can help keep the contents organized.

Style, color, and design:

Choose a duffle bag that matches your personal style and preferences. We offer a wide range of products, materials, designs, and colors to meet your individual taste.

What is the best duffle bag?

DRAKENSBERG duffle bags are anything but ordinary. Sustainability is not just a marketing element for us but a design element. We aim to create authentic products that could have been made in a similar form 200 years ago. Plastic, as we know it, has only been around since the mid-19th century (1862).

Currently, there is no travel bag manufacturer that serves as a role model for us. Even the biggest brands in the industry still rely exclusively on traditional chrome tanning. Many manufacturers alter the surface of the leather or create the illusion of greater material thickness through plastic lamination. The term "natural leather" has also become inflated and rarely accurate. Often, it's about uniformity and more appearance than substance.

In the 21st century, a good travel bag should also convey a genuine and honest feeling and not make empty promises. In the production of our duffle bags, we largely avoid the use of plastics. Our leather or canvas is not coated with plastic. Our outer fabrics do not contain synthetic fibers. Even for the lining, we do not use nylon or polyester. The leather used is sustainably vegetable-tanned, although not entirely without chrome.


How big should a duffle bag be?

Depending on the intended use, a length between 55 and 60 cm is ideal. Duffle bags of this size have a storage capacity between 40 and 60 liters. As a guideline, we recommend allocating 10 liters per day of travel. So, a 40-liter duffle bag should be sufficient for 3-4 days. If flexibility in storage space is important, we recommend our duffle bag "Sam." It has an expandable volume and can be easily extended by approximately 10 liters with a few simple steps. Our range includes other models that can be expanded on the sides as well.

In fact, there is currently no leather goods manufacturer that could serve as a role model for us. Even the biggest brand names in the industry still rely on classic chrome tanning. Many manufacturers change the surfaces of the leather or suggest a higher material thickness through plastic lamination. The term natural leather also has inflation, but rarely applies. It is often about uniformity, more appearance than reality.

A good duffel bag in the 21st century should therefore also convey a good and honest feeling and not make empty promises. We avoid plastics as far as possible in our production. Our leather or canvas is not laminated with plastic. Our outer fabrics do not contain any plastic fibres. The leather used is sustainably vegetable tanned, even if not entirely without chrome.


Is a duffle bag considered carry-on luggage for air travel?

A duffle bag is well-suited as carry-on luggage for air travel. However, it is important to check the specific regulations of the airline before departure. Small travel bags up to a size of 55 x 35 x 25cm should generally not be a problem. The dimensions provided in our shop always correspond to the maximum measurements. If a travel bag is not filled to its limit, a large portion of our range should also be suitable as carry-on luggage.

However, it is not only the size that matters but also the weight. Many airlines have a maximum weight limit of 8kg.


What duffle bag is suitable for 1 week?

For a vacation of up to one week, a duffle bag with a volume of 60 liters should be sufficient. You will find a wide selection in all sizes in our shop.


Can duffle bags be used as checked luggage for air travel?

Yes, duffle bags can be used as checked luggage for air travel. When using a travel bag as checked luggage, it is advisable to choose durable materials and a robust construction to ensure the protection of your personal belongings during transport. It is also recommended to protect and organize the contents of the duffle bag accordingly. Use packing cubes or other organizational solutions to keep your items orderly and minimize possible damage.

Always make sure that the weight of your travel bag complies with the airline's regulations for checked luggage to avoid additional fees.


What duffle bag is suitable for 2 weeks?

For trips lasting two weeks, a duffle bag for both men and women may not be the best choice. Instead, a suitcase with a storage volume of 80-100 liters would be more practical. Unless the circumstances of the trip allow for two pieces of luggage, in which case two duffle bags with volumes of 40-60 liters could be considered, such as for a vacation by car. Currently, we offer travel bags with a storage volume of up to 60 liters. However, some of our duffle bags can be expanded to 80 liters if needed.


What duffle bag suits me?

We offer different models of duffle bags for both men and women. Choosing the right one can be a small challenge. The following examples are intended to help you make a decision:

Duffle bags with a shoe compartment:

They are not only ideal as a duffle bag for a short business trip but also perfect as a stylish sports bag: Choose a travel bag with a shoe compartment.

Weekender bags for weekend trips:

These compact and handy bags are specifically designed for weekend getaways. They typically offer a capacity of about 40 to 60 liters. Depending on the model, weekender bags can also serve as a practical alternative to carry-on luggage on flights.

Large duffle bags for longer vacations:

Duffle bags for both men and women are suitable not only for city trips or short getaways but also for longer vacations. If you are traveling for more than 5 days, a large travel bag with 60 liters of capacity is often a good alternative to a suitcase.


What is better, a suitcase or a duffle bag?

Ultimately, there is no "better" or "worse" choice between a suitcase and a duffle bag. It depends on your individual needs, the purpose of the trip, and your personal preferences. Some travelers even prefer a combination of both by using a suitcase as checked luggage and bringing a duffle bag as carry-on luggage. In the end, the choice also depends on your budget, as high-quality suitcases are often significantly more expensive than good duffle bags.