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Men's 15" laptop bag and briefcase in buffalo leather, ideal for business trips and everyday

  • Exterior: 1 small open pocket & 1 trolley sleeve
  • 15" notebook compartment, 1 zip & 2 open pockets, 3 pen holders/li>
  • Sustainably handmade from robust but soft buffalo leather
  • Scope: 1 bag, 1 shoulder strap and 1 dust bag



100% REAL






Laptop Bag »Harvey«


Men's 15" laptop bag and briefcase in buffalo leather, ideal for business trips and everyday

  • Exterior: 1 small open pocket & 1 trolley sleeve
  • 15" notebook compartment, 1 zip & 2 open pockets, 3 pen holders/li>
  • Sustainably handmade from robust but soft buffalo leather
  • Scope: 1 bag, 1 shoulder strap and 1 dust bag

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General Information






8 L

Size in cm (HxLxW):

30 x 40 x 7

Item No.:




Mens Leather Briefcase and Laptop Bag, Sustainable, Havana Brown


  • Exterior material: Buffalo leather (vegetable tanned)
  • Interior material: Cotton with leather trims
  • Metal parts: Brass

About the product

The briefcase "Harvey" is an homage to the iconic coolness and elegance of Harvey Specter from the series "Suits". A statement piece that enriches the business routine with a touch of charisma and style. Inspired by the classic 1960s briefcase, "Harvey" combines timeless design with modern functionality. The laptop bag is perfectly suited for notebooks up to 15" as well as for files and documents in DIN A4 size. Every detail bears witness to craftsmanship precision and a passion for quality.

Externally, "Harvey" impresses with a sleek and minimalist profile featuring a small open compartment (e.g., for smartphones) and a leather strap for attachment to the telescoping handle of a roller suitcase. Inside, an additional zippered compartment complements the storage options, alongside a padded 16” laptop compartment, two open pockets, and three pen holders. This ensures valuables such as tablets, accessories, notebooks, or writing utensils are securely and stylishly stored.

"Harvey" can be carried both as a traditional briefcase by the handle and as a messenger bag with the long, adjustable shoulder strap. For maximum flexibility in professional life, the shoulder strap can be removed if necessary.

The quality of workmanship of "Harvey" is beyond question. Wear points are carefully lined with leather, and stress points are additionally reinforced. A must-have for the modern businessman who values style, efficiency, and a hint of series charm.

Our story

We are Daniel and Christoph and live our dream. We founded DRAKENSBERG because we want to inspire people to recognize the true value of travel and to strive for it.

To understand the path as the true goal and to grow on it. A good journey means learning. About life and about yourself. We know that a good journey can change a whole life. Our travel bags are silent reminders of the travel spirit of the 19th and 20th century, when traveling was still an adventure and travelers were adventurers.


Maybe you have already noticed, our bags are different. Each product is an elaborately manufactured unique piece with its own little story. The bags are almost completely handmade. We only use high quality leather and natural materials. Paying attention to sustainability and environment.

Leather is a natural material and can have small irregularities. Each leather product is also patinated by hand. This elaborate process makes our products trademarked. No bag can be exactly same as another. Thus, small colour deviations are unfortunately unavoidable and are not a sign of poor quality, but uniqueness.

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FAQs: Frequently asked questions about our Laptop Bag »Harvey«

<h3><b>Is the Laptop Bag "Harvey" in Havana Brown sturdy or rather soft?</b></h3> <p>This men's handbag belongs to the so-called soft luggage and is made of full-grain but soft buffalo leather on the outside. Therefore, the shape changes slightly depending on the amount of contents. The leather Laptop Bag for men was designed based on the couriers and delivery services of the 1950s. Originally developed as a practical and easily accessible bag for carrying mail and packages, it was often worn over the shoulder to have hands-free access and quick access to the content. Over time, these bags evolved into a fashionable trend and gained popularity among cyclists and urban dwellers, as they offered a practical and stylish transportation solution.</p> <p></p> <h3><b>Is the Laptop Bag "Harvey" in Havana Brown waterproof or water-resistant?</b></h3> <p>To be as authentic as possible, we exclusively use materials just like they did 60 years ago and try to avoid plastics and chemicals as much as possible. Unfortunately, our Laptop Bag "Harvey" in the standard version is not waterproof or water-resistant. However, a brief rain shower won't harm our bags. Alternatively, the briefcase can be treated with an impregnating agent to make it water-resistant.</p> <p></p> <h3><b>Can the Laptop Bag "Harvey" in Havana Brown be made waterproof afterwards?</b></h3> <p>The men's leather handbag can be easily impregnated afterward using a commercially available colorless impregnating spray (e.g., Impru00e4gnol). However, one should keep in mind that this process may change the color and texture of the bag. It's best to test the impregnation on the underside of the bag.</p> <p></p> <h3><b>How can I clean and care for my Laptop Bag "Harvey" in Havana Brown?</b></h3> <p>We believe that a vintage-designed shoulder bag should show the signs of its intensive use. That's the way it's meant to be. However, if you still feel the need to clean your bag, we recommend three steps:</p> <ul> <li>Remove dust and dirt particles from the Laptop Bag, e.g., with a brush or a handheld vacuum cleaner.</li> <li>Gently dab and rub stains with a clean and damp cloth.</li> <li>Occasionally apply a light coat of leather conditioner (e.g., one with beeswax or carnauba wax).</li> </ul> <p></p> <h3><b>What type of leather is used for the Laptop Bag "Harvey" in Havana Brown?</b></h3> <p>For our men's shoulder bags, we exclusively use vegetable-tanned and full-grain buffalo leather. This particularly robust leather comes from India. During production, our leather is hand-finished with a colored wax based on carnauba, giving it a special vintage patina.</p> <p></p> <h3><b>How do men best carry the Laptop Bag "Harvey" in Havana Brown?</b></h3> <p>A shoulder bag can be carried simply over the shoulder or diagonally across the shoulder. We recommend carrying our men's shoulder bags made of canvas and leather diagonally across the shoulder to better distribute the weight of the bag. It is less tiring when you have to cover longer distances with the bag on your shoulder. In general, one should switch the carrying sides on longer distances to evenly distribute and relieve the back and spine.</p> <p>In general, Laptop Bags should not be overloaded. Before embarking on a journey or heading to work, it's a good idea to assess which items are truly needed for that day. This will help protect your back and the bag's material.</p> <p></p> <h3><b>Where and how is the Laptop Bag "Harvey" in Havana Brown manufactured?</b></h3> <p>Our bags are manufactured in India. Our workshop is a small family business whose long-term employees craft our bags with a lot of heart and passion. Over time, a genuine friendship has grown from our long collaboration. The production conditions are socially acceptable and comply with BSCI standards, which we regularly verify in person. Our leather and cotton fabrics are sourced locally in India. When dyeing our cotton fabrics, we exclusively use dyes free of AZO colorants. Our leathers are fundamentally vegetable-tanned, meaning they are based on plant materials and do not involve the use of aggressive tanning agents. Our standards are socially and environmentally responsible and above average. However, it is our commitment to continue working on ourselves and further improve our ecological and social footprint.</p>

Our leather production is LWG certified

Our leather tannery is certified to the LWG standard and we use only vegetable tanning agents for tanning. The Leather Working Group (LWG) is an initiative to make conditions in tanneries and intermediaries more transparent and to bring about sustainable change. To implement its goals, the Leather Working Group has developed an audit protocol for sustainable and responsible leather production.

Our contribution to the environment with Review Forest

Did you know that we cooperate with Review Forest? For every Google review, we plant a tree. Just join us! Take a minute and write us a positive review, and a tree will bear your name! Just click on the image below and you will be taken directly to our review forest.

** applies to deliveries within Germany and orders over €50, delivery times for other countries can be found on the button with the shipping information.

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