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Stylish gym bags made of premium leather

Accompany your athletic adventures with our high-quality leather gym bags for women and men – the epitome of elegance and functionality. These exquisite leather gym bags are not only faithful companions for your workouts but also a statement of style and quality.

Why do you need a leather gym bag?

Our premium leather adds a touch of luxury and timeless elegance to the handcrafted gym bag. Every handle and seam reflects masterful craftsmanship, known for its durability and resilience. Unlike conventional gym bags, our leather bags become even more beautiful over time, developing a characterful patina that highlights their uniqueness. Are you ready to make a grand entrance at the gym?


Which leather gym bag is the best?

That certainly depends on personal preference. Here are the advantages of choosing a DRAKENSBERG gym bag made of leather:

DRAKENSBERG leather duffel bags stand out for their exceptional quality, artisanal craftsmanship, and focus on sustainability. We don't use sustainability as a marketing element; it's an integral part of our design philosophy. Good design is timeless, and this applies to gym bags too.

Our products are authentic, and a bag from us could have been made in a similar form even 200 years ago, as we avoid the use of plastics like polyester. Our lining materials are 100% cotton – a conscious choice for a durable and natural alternative.

A fair price: We eliminate all middlemen and pass the cost-saving advantage on to you. Our bags would quickly triple in price with middlemen involved.

Personal and friendly customer service. Before and after purchase, we are here for you. We answer your questions and provide guidance. We assist you in finding your dream bag, even over the phone. Yes, we have someone answering calls. Just give it a try.


What types and options of leather gym bags are available?

We offer a wide selection of leather gym bags for men and women in various sizes, colors, and features. Among these three variations, you'll surely find your favorite:

Compact leather gym bags, with or without exterior compartments

These all-rounders are lightweight, compact, and provide ample space for all your necessary products and sports accessories. Practical compartments help you stay organized. Leather bags of this kind can also be found in our shop under the label "Weekender," such as the "Weekender John," which is also perfect for a weekend trip.

Compact leather gym bags with a dedicated shoe compartment

An excellent choice - leather bags with a shoe compartment are perfect gym bags, combining high-quality design with practical functionality. The shoe compartment allows separate storage for shoes, preventing contact with your clean clothes. Our recommendation is our leather duffel bag "Finn."

Large and expandable leather gym bags

For certain types of sports where you need more space for your sports clothing, our large leather bags are ideal. Our "Weekender David" and our duffel bag "Ray" also offer an expansion of storage volume.


What size should a leather gym bag be?

The ideal size of a leather gym bag depends on the type of athletic activity. For sports like yoga or going to the gym, a medium-sized gym bag with a length of about 50-55 cm is often sufficient. However, if you want to carry equipment for more extensive sports like tennis, soccer, or basketball, larger gym bags with lengths of 55-65 cm are recommended. A well-sized leather gym bag provides enough space for all necessary sports products and cosmetic items, ensuring comfortable transportation.


How many liters should leather gym bags have?

A leather gym bag with 40 to 60 liters is sufficient for most sports activities, such as going to the gym, EMS training, or spinning.


How to carry a leather gym bag correctly?

Carry the duffel bag on your right shoulder if you are right-handed and on your left shoulder if you are left-handed. This way, you can comfortably carry the bag and easily access your belongings.


How to best maintain leather gym bags?

Through regular care and mindful handling, your leather gym bag will remain in excellent condition and accompany you on all your athletic adventures in the long run. To optimally care for your leather gym bag, we recommend the following steps:

Regular cleaning

After use, regularly brush your gym bag with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents as they may damage the leather of your gym bag.

Leather care products

Use special leather care products without color, such as colorless leather balm or leather oil, to keep the leather supple and protected from drying out. Apply the care products thinly and gently polish them with a soft cloth. Avoid any contact with the cotton lining inside to prevent unwanted grease stains.

Protection from moisture

Ensure that the leather gym bag is protected from moisture. Store your leather bag in a dry place and avoid exposure to heavy rain or other liquids.

Avoid excessive direct sunlight

Do not store the leather bag in a place exposed to direct sunlight, as this may cause fading and drying of the leather.

Through regular care and mindful handling, your gym bag will remain in excellent condition and accompany you on all your athletic adventures in the long run.


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