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Rolltop backpacks - For some still a trend, for us already a classic

Roll-top backpacks offer a clever and flexible way to carry your gear safely and stylishly. With their practical roll closure, you can adjust the packing volume, securely store your belongings, and be well-prepared for any adventure. Experience the freedom and adaptability of a foldtop backpack and let its versatility inspire you.

What is a Rolltop Backpack?

A rolltop backpack is a versatile and fashionable companion known for its unique closure mechanism. This style of backpack features a flexible top portion that is rolled down to seal access to the main compartment. The rolltop construction allows for flexible adjustment of storage space based on needs and gives the backpack a modern look, making it ideal for urban lifestyles, commuting, and leisure activities.

Rolltop backpacks come in various sizes and designs to meet individual style and practical requirements. They often offer multiple pockets and compartments for organizing items such as laptops, water bottles, and other daily essentials. Combining functionality and aesthetics, rolltop backpacks are a popular choice for modern women and men who value versatile and stylish accessories.

Rolltop backpacks have their origins in the 90s, inspired by the design of bicycle courier backpacks seen in major cities around the world. This trendy rolltop look was influenced by the versatile backpacks used by bike messengers, which adapted to the needs of urban commuters. A distinctive feature is their variable size, allowing the backpack to be rolled up or down based on its contents, providing flexible adaptation to specific requirements.


Is the Roll Closure Practical in a Rolltop Backpack?

The rollable edge in a rolltop backpack is highly practical. This closure mechanism offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides flexibility in adjusting storage space. You can roll the backpack tighter or looser, depending on the amount of items you want to carry. This makes the roll closure particularly suitable for situations where the backpack's space requirements may change.

Secondly, the rolltop closure provides increased water resistance. As the upper part of the backpack is rolled down, eliminating the traditional zipper or buckle opening, the risk of water ingress is reduced. This is especially beneficial for outdoor activities or rainy weather, as it better protects the contents from moisture. Overall, the practical roll closure contributes to making the rolltop backpack a functional and versatile choice for various occasions.


How Much Storage Space in a Rolltop Backpack?

The optimal amount of interior space for a rolltop backpack for both women and men can vary depending on individual needs, use, and personal preferences. However, a good guideline for a versatile rolltop backpack is around 20 to 30 liters of volume.

This size provides enough room for daily essentials like a laptop, books, water bottle, and possibly a jacket without overloading the backpack. It's important to have enough space for planned activities without compromising comfort and freedom of movement. If you have specific requirements, such as longer trips or carrying sports equipment, a larger backpack might be useful. Remember that in addition to the main compartment, additional pockets and compartments for organizing small items are important. Our Rolltop Backpack Dale offers an especially large storage volume, expandable up to 60 liters.


What Compartments Should a Rolltop Backpack Have?

A rolltop backpack for both women and men should have some essential compartments to ensure functionality and organization. A backpack with an adjustable roll closure provides versatile storage space that can expand or compress based on the contents.

A padded laptop compartment is essential for safely transporting electronic devices. Well-placed interior zippered pockets and exterior pockets are crucial for keeping personal items organized and easily accessible, whether it's keys, phone, or water bottle. Consider the number and type of compartments you need to keep your items organized, such as a laptop compartment, water bottle holder, interior pockets, etc.

Having a side pocket for water bottles or PET bottles is also practical.

A dedicated compartment for charging cables, chargers, and laptop accessories is also useful. You'll find such a gadget compartment in the front of our Arthur backpack.


What Material is Best for Rolltop Backpacks?

In addition to plastics, there are various material categories that work well for rolltop backpacks. Some popular options include:

Canvas: Canvas is durable yet flexible. It provides a classic look to the backpack and can also be treated for water resistance.

Waxed Canvas: Waxed fabric like waxed canvas offers additional protection against water and wear. It presents a cool look and is a trending choice for backpacks.

Leather: Leather lends an elegant design and lasting character to rolltop backpacks. However, leather requires some care to maintain its quality. The price of leather backpacks might also be higher.

Plastic/Polyester: Backpacks made from plastic or polyester dominate the market, although there are a few brands consciously avoiding plastics. While plastic has many benefits, such as lightweight and water resistance, it's not environmentally friendly as it's often not biodegradable, takes a long time to decompose, and contributes to pollution and microplastics.


Are DRAKENSBERG Rolltop Backpacks Waterproof?

Many of our unisex backpack models are not designed for complete waterproofing.

The Adam and Dale models made from waxed cotton fabric offer water resistance. They can withstand light rain and retain their shape thanks to the incorporated wax on the outer material.

To maintain authenticity, the remaining products in our lineup intentionally remain in their natural, non-impregnated state. However, our backpacks can be relatively easily impregnated for daily use to achieve at least water resistance. Clear impregnation sprays for leather and textiles, such as IMPRÄGNOL Universal Impregnation Spray, are suitable for this purpose. Alternatively, cotton fabrics can also be treated with wax, such as Dr. Gee's Impregnation Wax. We recommend testing the wax according to the instructions in an inconspicuous spot on the material before treating the entire bag. Please note that the impregnation wax can generally darken the color by 1-2 shades.


What Can I Use a Rolltop Backpack For?

Rolltop backpacks are versatile all-rounders for leisure, daily life, education, and work.

Daily Use:

An unisex rolltop backpack is perfect for everyday use. It can be used to carry books, laptops, tablets, snacks, and other personal items for school, city outings, work, or leisure use. Our online shop offers a wide range of daypacks in many colors and shapes.

During Vacation:

Rolltop backpacks are also suitable for holiday trips. You can use these models for weekend getaways or city explorations to conveniently store clothing, travel documents, cameras, and other travel essentials.

Hiking and Outdoor Activities:

Some backpack models are sturdy enough for hiking and outdoor activities. They provide space for equipment such as water bottles, snacks, trail maps, sunscreen, and even a lightweight jacket. The padding on the straps offers comfort during longer hikes and helps relieve back strain. Our recommendations are the Dale backpack and the Adam rolltop backpack, currently available in Forest Green and Khaki Sand.


Inspired by bicycle couriers, rolltop backpacks are ideal for cyclists. They offer a compact way to carry essentials like PET bottles, tools, and personal items while cycling.

University and School:

Students can use a rolltop backpack to organize their schoolbooks, notebooks, pens, and other school supplies. A laptop compartment provides protection for tablets and laptop computers when transporting them to university or school.

Leisure Activities:

Whether you're going to the gym, having a picnic in the park, or heading to the beach, a rolltop backpack can easily accommodate your workout clothes, snacks, sunscreen, hygiene items, and more. It offers great flexibility in size for all leisure scenarios.


In work environments where a more casual design is acceptable, a rolltop backpack can be a stylish way to carry work documents, laptops, and other work essentials.


What is the Best Foldtop Backpack Brand?

The rolltop models for both women and men from DRAKENSBERG are anything but ordinary. Sustainability is not just an empty advertising slogan for us; it's an integral part of the design and characteristics of our products. We focus on authentic travel companions that could have been made in a similar form over 200 years ago—crafted from natural materials like pure cotton and full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather. This approach is also environmentally friendly and human-friendly.

Currently, there is a lack of role models in the field of top companies for women's and men's bags. Even large brands continue to rely on traditional chrome tanning and manipulate leather surfaces. Plastic lamination is also widespread, using foam inserts to mimic the thickness of leather.

A high-quality bag in the 21st century should not only be functional but also convey an authentic and honest feel. At DRAKENSBERG, we largely avoid plastics. Our leather and canvas are not coated with plastic. Our upper materials do not contain nylon or polyester. The leather we use is sustainably and mostly vegetable-tanned, although not entirely without the use of chrome. Our products are eye-catching with character and honesty, even if they have edges and imperfections. They're loyal companions for adventures in travel or nature. And all this comes at a fair price, thanks to the elimination of intermediaries.

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