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Elegant Briefcases made of high-quality leather and sturdy canvas

A briefcase is more than just an accessory - it embodies professionalism and the ambition to achieve professional goals. It carries not only your essential documents but also the pursuit of success. Our vintage-style briefcases are reliable companions in business life, carefully handcrafted. True companions for your professional success.

What is a men's briefcase?

A briefcase for men is a flat, rectangular container with one or more compartments, mainly used for transporting documents, files, books, and similar items. In everyday business life, it often serves as an indispensable accessory for field staff and other professional activities. It is typically made of leather, plastic, cotton, or other durable materials and has a handle on the top. Many modern models, especially shoulder bags and handbags, also feature a shoulder strap or additional pockets and compartments for tech devices such as laptops.

Briefcases for men, the original document bags, have a long history spanning several centuries. In the 18th and 19th centuries, when traveling was still a grand adventure, they were used by businessmen, lawyers, and other professionals to safely transport essential papers and documents from one place to another. Bags of that time often displayed the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the era, with elaborate clasps, embroidery, or embossing.

In the early days, men's leather briefcases were mainly practical items, primarily made of leather, as this material was both robust and prestigious. However, over time various designs and styles evolved, from shoulder bags for daily use to more refined handbags for special occasions.

In the 20th century, with the rise of office culture and the increasing need for mobility, the leather briefcase became an indispensable companion in everyday business life, increasingly also for women. It evolved to meet the growing needs, including accommodating technology like laptops.

Today, in the 21st century, men's briefcases are not only functional tools for fieldwork and other professional activities but also fashionable accessories that can reflect both individual style and professional status. Especially for men, such bags are often a sign of elegance and professionalism. Despite modern innovations, briefcases made after historical models and with traditional materials like buffalo leather and cotton continue to be valued for their elegance and durability.


Which models of briefcases for men are available?

Classic Briefcases

These are the traditional, rectangular briefcases with a rigid frame. They are often made of high-quality leather and feature a flap lid with snap or combination locks.

Messenger Bags/Shoulder Bags

These are more relaxed and generally made from softer materials like linen, canvas, or leather. They are worn across the body, making them particularly practical in urban settings.

Laptop Bags

Specifically designed for transporting laptops and related accessories. These business briefcases have a padded laptop compartment to protect the notebook from bumps and scratches.

Portfolio Bags

Flatter and more elegant than conventional briefcases, they are ideal for carrying documents and a tablet or smaller laptop. These folios have, among other things, handy insert compartments for credit cards, business cards, and a pen holder inside.

Backpack Briefcases

A combination of a backpack and a briefcase. These leather briefcases or backpacks with laptop compartments can either be worn on the back or held by the handle and are ideal for commuters and cyclists.

Satchel Bags

Inspired by old school bags, this briefcase is often made of leather and has few compartments inside, a foldable lid, and one or more buckles on the outside.

Tote Briefcases

This type of briefcase has long handles and an open main compartment, similar to a shopping bag, but is made from more premium materials and often designed more elegantly.


What should you pack in a men's briefcase?

The contents of a men's briefcase can vary depending on profession and daily requirements. Here is a list of items commonly found in a men's briefcase:

Laptop: Whether for business or education, in the digital age, a laptop is often the most crucial tool. Most modern leather briefcases for men come with a specially padded laptop compartment to carry the laptop safely.

Documents: Contracts, reports, or A4-sized notes are often an essential part of the bag's contents.

Binders: To keep all documents and papers organized, a binder or folder is ideal. Some briefcases offer enough storage to even accommodate several binders.

Notebook and writing tools: A notebook and a pen are indispensable for quick notes or jotting down thoughts.

Mobile phone and charger: In today's world, we are always reachable. Hence, a mobile phone and possibly a charger are basic necessities.

Personal items: This can range from a wallet and keys to personal hygiene items or a snack for on-the-go.

Small tools: Many briefcases for men and women have zipper compartments where smaller items can be safely stored, from business cards to USB sticks.

Others: Depending on the size and design of the leather briefcase, there's often additional space or storage for items like a water bottle, a book, or even a change of clothes for longer trips.

It's important to regularly check the contents of your leather briefcase to ensure you have everything necessary and remove unnecessary items that only take up space. A well-organized briefcase allows for a more efficient workday and ensures you're always well-prepared.


What is the right material for a briefcase? Leather or Canvas?

Leather symbolizes timeless elegance and class. Its durability ensures that a leather bag remains not just a loyal companion in business and profession but also an expression of style and professionalism. Although leather requires some care, this investment is rewarded with a bag that becomes more characterful over time while offering stability and protection. High-quality leather is priced higher than canvas.

Canvas is the perfect mate for the modern, active lifestyle. It's lightweight, incredibly durable, and easy to care for. The natural resilience of canvas ensures it meets the demands of daily life while offering a relaxed yet stylish aesthetic. Canvas models in khaki are a good choice if you prefer a casual vintage style.


What makes DRAKENSBERG's briefcases special?

The business briefcases from DRAKENSBERG represent more than just function and style; they embody a philosophy of authenticity and honesty.

At the heart of each bag is the meticulous handcrafting with which it's made. This craftsmanship ensures that each model is not only of the highest quality but also tells a story. The distinctive vintage look of the bags, characterized by high-quality and natural materials like robust buffalo leather, exudes authenticity, guarantees longevity, and is committed to the highest standards.

But what truly sets DRAKENSBERG apart from other brands is their transparency and honesty. The company believes in offering top-quality products for men and women at fair prices by bypassing the middlemen.


Which briefcases are the best?

In the tradition of the 18th and 19th centuries, a time when travel was still an adventure and travelers were true adventurers, DRAKENSBERG follows an age-old manufacturing method. This method not only emphasizes craftsmanship but also the use of natural materials such as buffalo leather or canvas fabrics, as they were used in these bygone epochs.

Another cornerstone of our sustainability philosophy is the timeless design of our briefcases. In times of rapid fashion cycles, our products set a statement for "Slow Fashion". Our models are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also designed to remain relevant for years, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

We deliberately refrain from the common practice of backing our leather with foam. Many top brands use this method to create an illusion of thickness and quality. However, for DRAKENSBERG, authenticity is at the forefront – our products, backpacks, and travel bags represent genuine, unadulterated quality.


How do you properly carry a briefcase?

  1. By the handle: The most classic choice to carry a briefcase is by the handle. Hold the briefcase in your hand, with the arm slightly bent and the bag parallel to the ground. This method is especially suitable for short distances and gives you a formal, professional look.

  2. As a shoulder bag: Many models offer an adjustable shoulder strap on the side. Wear the bag across your body so that it rests on the opposite hip, or simply let it hang on one shoulder. Make sure to switch the strap regularly to avoid one-sided strains.

  3. On the shoulder: Some models have a shorter strap specifically designed for carrying on one shoulder. This is a comfortable method, especially if you need frequent access to your documents.

  4. Even distribution: To avoid strains on the back and shoulders, position heavier items, such as your laptop, in the center of the briefcase. Try not to overload your shoulder bag consistently.

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