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Practical and stylish commuter backpacks made of leather and canvas

Commuter backpacks are the perfect companions for everyday adventures, as they offer comfortable and secure space for the essentials. With their clever design and even weight distribution, they allow us to fully focus on travelling and leave the daily routine behind. Discover the freedom and ease that a commuter backpack brings to every trip. Commuting to work has never been so stylish.

What is a Commuter Backpack?

A commuter backpack is a versatile and sophisticated ally known for its distinctive closure system. This type of backpack boasts a malleable top section, designed to be rolled or folded, effectively sealing the main compartment. The adjustable construction of the commuter backpack allows users to modify storage space as per their needs. Its sleek design aligns perfectly with urban lifestyles, daily commuting, and recreational outings.

Commuter backpacks are available in a myriad of sizes and designs to cater to diverse aesthetic and functional preferences. They typically offer an array of pockets and compartments, perfect for neatly storing items like laptops, water bottles, and other day-to-day necessities. Marrying both form and function, commuter backpacks have become the go-to for modern individuals who appreciate adaptable and fashionable gear.

The inspiration for commuter backpacks can be traced back to the 90s, drawing heavily from the designs of bicycle courier bags prevalent in major metropolitans globally. The chic commuter design pays homage to the adaptable bags wielded by bike messengers, tailored to the demands of city-goers. A hallmark of this design is its adjustable size, which allows the user to modify its dimensions depending on the contents, ensuring maximum adaptability.


Is the Roll Closure Practical in a Commuter Backpack?

The rollable feature in a commuter backpack is exceptionally utilitarian. It offers manifold benefits. First, it delivers unparalleled flexibility in terms of storage. Depending on what one wishes to transport, the backpack can be rolled tighter or more loosely. This feature becomes indispensable when the storage needs of the backpack fluctuate.

Additionally, the roll closure enhances the backpack's water resistance. By rolling down the top section, which bypasses the need for traditional zippers or buckles, the susceptibility to water seepage diminishes. This characteristic is invaluable during outdoor ventures or inclement weather, as it more effectively safeguards belongings from dampness. On the whole, the practical roll closure accentuates the commuter backpack's multifunctional appeal for an array of settings.


How Much Storage Space in a Commuter Backpack?

The ideal storage capacity of a commuter backpack may vary based on individual requirements, the intended use, and personal preferences. Nonetheless, a versatile commuter backpack should typically offer a volume ranging from 20 to 30 liters.

Such a capacity ensures ample space for everyday essentials, be it a laptop, literature, a drink bottle, or even an outerwear piece, without burdening the carrier. It's paramount to strike a balance between accommodating necessities and ensuring wearer comfort. For those with specific demands, such as extended excursions or the inclusion of athletic gear, a more spacious backpack may be apt. It's worth noting that aside from the main compartment, the presence of supplementary pockets for item organization is vital. For instance, our Commuter Backpack Dale boasts an impressive expandable volume, accommodating up to 60 liters.


What Compartments Should a Commuter Backpack Feature?

For both genders, a commuter backpack should incorporate certain indispensable compartments to ensure optimal functionality and orderliness. For instance, a padded section dedicated to laptops aids in the safe transport of electronic gadgets. Thoughtfully positioned zippered pockets, both inside and out, are essential for organizing personal items like keys, phones, or drinks, ensuring they remain readily accessible. Reflect on the variety and nature of compartments required to systematize your belongings, be it a dedicated laptop space, a slot for drink containers, or internal pockets.

An external pocket tailored for hydration bottles or reusable bottles enhances practicality. Likewise, a specialized section for tech accessories such as charging cables, adapters, and laptop peripherals is invaluable. For example, our Arthur backpack showcases a compartment dedicated to gadgets right at the forefront.


What Material is Optimal for Commuter Backpacks?

Beyond synthetic materials, various fabrics are suited for commuter backpacks. A few favored choices include:

Canvas: Renowned for its durability and adaptability, canvas offers a timeless aesthetic to the backpack and can be treated for added water resistance.

Waxed Canvas: Fabrics treated with wax, like waxed canvas, deliver enhanced defense against moisture and wear. This material is stylish and currently trending in the world of backpacks.

Leather: Leather imparts an unmatched elegance and enduring quality to commuter backpacks. It's worth noting, however, that leather demands maintenance to preserve its excellence. Additionally, leather backpacks might carry a steeper price tag.

Plastic/Polyester: While plastic or polyester-based backpacks are prevalent, some brands consciously steer clear of synthetics. Despite the advantages of plastic, such as its lightweight nature and resistance to water, its environmental footprint is less than commendable. It often fails to degrade, persists for extended durations, and contributes to environmental pollutants and microplastics.


Are DRAKENSBERG Commuter Backpacks Waterproof?

Most of our unisex backpack designs aren't crafted for complete waterproofing.

The Adam and Dale models, created from waxed cotton fabric, boast water resistance. They can endure mild rain and maintain their form due to the wax applied on the outer fabric.

To uphold authenticity, other products in our collection deliberately stay in their unimpregnated, natural form. However, our backpacks can be efficiently impregnated for daily wear to achieve a degree of water resistance. Clear impregnation sprays for leather and textiles, like IMPRÄGNOL Universal Impregnation Spray, are suitable. Alternatively, cotton fabrics can also benefit from treatments with waxes, such as Dr. Gee's Impregnation Wax. Prior to treating the entire backpack, we recommend a test patch according to the wax's instructions. Be aware that the impregnation wax might darken the fabric by one or two shades.


What Are the Uses for a Commuter Backpack?

Commuter backpacks are versatile, catering to leisure, daily routines, academics, and professional settings.

Daily Use:

A unisex commuter backpack is the ideal everyday companion. Use it to transport books, electronics, food items, and other personal effects for school, urban adventures, work, or recreational activities. Explore our online store for a broad selection of daypacks in diverse colors and styles.


Commuter backpacks also serve travelers well. For city breaks or weekend trips, they provide convenient storage for apparel, travel paperwork, photography equipment, and other essentials.

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures:

Several backpack designs stand strong for hiking and outdoor excursions. They accommodate necessities like hydration, food, trail guidance, sunblock, and even a light outer layer. To ensure comfort during extended treks and alleviate back pressure, the straps come padded. For these purposes, we endorse the Dale and Adam backpacks, available in colors like Forest Green and Khaki Sand.


Originally inspired by bike messengers, commuter backpacks cater to cyclists, providing a compact means to house essentials such as bottles, tools, and personal belongings while on the move.

Academic Settings:

For students, a commuter backpack efficiently arranges textbooks, stationery, and tech devices. The laptop pocket assures that tablets and computers remain safeguarded during transits to educational institutions.

Recreational Pursuits:

Whether you're gym-bound, picnicking, or beachgoing, a commuter backpack readily holds sportswear, edibles, sun protection, toiletries, and more, adapting to any recreational context.

Professional Context:

In workplaces that embrace a relaxed aesthetic, a commuter backpack is a fashionable method for transporting work files, tech equipment, and office essentials.


Which Brand Excels in Commuter Backpacks?

For both genders, the commuter models by DRAKENSBERG are anything but mainstream. To us, sustainability isn't just a buzzword—it's woven into our products' design and essence. Our goal revolves around crafting genuine travel mates reminiscent of designs from over two centuries ago. We harness pure materials like cotton and vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather. This strategy not only echoes authenticity but also respects the environment and people.

Currently, there's a scarcity of exemplary brands in the domain of premium bags for both genders. Many prominent names persistently employ conventional chrome tanning and manipulate leather finishes. The practice of plastic layering, using foam to imitate leather's density, remains prevalent too.

In today's world, a premium-quality bag should merge functionality with a genuine, forthright touch. At DRAKENSBERG, plastics are mainly shunned. Our leather and canvas aren't overlaid with synthetics. Neither nylon nor polyester infiltrates our top materials. Our leather undergoes sustainable, predominantly vegetable tanning, with minimal chrome usage. Our creations captivate with authenticity, even flaunting their unique quirks. They stand as trusted allies for both travel and nature escapades. Moreover, by bypassing middlemen, we present these at a reasonable price.

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