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Our new luggage collection

We get inspiration for our unique luggage from history books, historical travel records or on our journeys to the remotest corners of the earth. Timeless and classic luggage with the claim of the extraordinary. For yesterday and today, tomorrow and forever.

Discover our latest creations and designs

To revive the iconographic bag design of the 19th and 20th centuries, we combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

We are constantly looking for new ideas, products and materials that can help us expand our collection in a meaningful way. We have a collection of about 10,000 pictures and drawings of historical luggage, from the 17th century to modern times.


Are DRAKENSBERG bags replicas of real antiques?

We are indeed very much oriented towards the original designs of the 18th and 19th centuries, but our bags are not 1:1 copies of museum pieces. Rather, they are further developments true to detail. Often the main difference in design is the size of the bags. In the past, people were simply smaller and carried fewer personal items with them when travelling. Accordingly, duffel bags used to be smaller and more compact. Our claim is to be as original as possible, but with maximum utility.


How does the design process work?

It always starts with an impulse or inspiration. Most of the time we get this inspiration while travelling, in museums or in books. In the meantime, however, we also regularly receive suggestions or requests from satisfied customers.

From this initial inspiration we make rough sketches. These sketches are then further refined until we are satisfied with the basic shape and proportions. The fine sketch is then digitised and finalised by our manufactory.

With the help of the technical drawings, our experienced bag makers produce patterns that are used to make a real initial sample.


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