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Canvas and leather cable organizer and protective covers

When travelling, we want to keep our laptops, mobile phones, iPads and eBook readers safe. Design and function of the leather cases should be in the foreground. Discover our large selection of laptop sleeves, travel cases, mobile phone cases and cable organisers. Design that stands up to your requirements.

The ideal gift for frequent travelers and technology enthusiasts: cable organizer by DRAKENSBERG

Are you still looking for an unusual gift? Are you looking for a Christmas or birthday present for a globetrotter or a technology nerd? Then perhaps our cable organizers or leather gadget cases are something for you. Handmade unique items with a soul factor.

How do I store cables and chargers when travelling?

We recommend carrying all cables and chargers in your hand luggage. Only then can you take advantage of every opportunity to charge your devices. Hardly anything is more annoying when travelling than empty batteries. Simply keep your cables and charging plugs in a cable case from DRAKENSBERG when travelling. You can also organize your headphones, USB sticks and powerbanks in the same case and always have everything at hand.

Can I take powerbanks and rechargeable batteries with me on the plane?

Yes, but powerbanks belong in your carry-on luggage! Most airlines prohibit the transport of powerbanks in check-in luggage. Non-compliance can lead to the forcible opening of luggage or even fines.

However, there are also guidelines/recommendations for carry-on luggage: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) allows powerbanks up to 100 Wh (watt hours) nominal power or approx. 27,000 mAh (milliampere hours) in hand luggage. A person is allowed to take a maximum of two 100 Wh powerbanks in hand luggage onto the plane. As a rule of thumb: A powerbank should weigh less than 600g to meet the hand luggage regulations. If in doubt, it is best to contact your airline.

What is special about DRAKENSBERG cable bags?

Sustainability is not an advertising slogan for us, but part of the design. We are concerned with authentic travel accessories. In other words, fair production with natural materials, preferably without plastics.

Currently, there is actually no manufacturer of technical accessories made of leather or canvas that would be a role model for us. Even the big brands continue to rely on classic chrome tanning and manipulate the surfaces of the leather. Also widespread in the industry is plastic lamination, which uses a foam insert to imitate a higher material thickness of the leather.

In any case, "vegan" leather often conceals commercially available plastic. It is rare to find leather-like materials made from plants. Unfortunately, the term "natural leather" is also currently in sad inflation. For us, leather that is reinforced with foam is not "natural leather", but an inferior leather.

We do not use synthetic materials in our gadget cases and leather cable organizers. Our leather or canvas is not laminated with plastic. The leather used is sustainably vegetable-tanned, even if not entirely without chrome. An original with rough edges, but with a soul factor.

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