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Weekender "David"

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In the beginning there was the idea of designing the perfect travel bag. The essence of travel was sought in the past, when travel was still a real adventure. Until the beginning of the 20th century, travel was anything but plannable, full of hardship and impassability. But that is precisely the quality of travelling. Travelling can change us. Travelling makes us better people. The prerequisite is to really get involved in the journey. Because, the journey is the destination. Only then magic can happen: New perspectives emerge, new insights develop, horizons expand. Emotions which can only be experienced on a journey in this way. We wanted to capture exactly these emotions with our design. The result is a dream of a travel bag. A homage to the true soul of travel. Travel culture in its purest and most original form. Inspired by the iconic shape of travel bags. Elegant with many authentic and practical details. Traditionally handmade from the finest buffalo leather combined with tear-resistant cotton for an authentic vintage look. Maximum authenticity, maximum style. Our Weekender "David". Start your journey now!

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