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Give the Gift of Wanderlust and Travel Inspiration this Year

Our travel bags and accessories made from canvas and leather ignite wanderlust in everyone. Perfect gifts for travelers who value individuality. Genuine one-of-a-kind items with emotional value. Handcrafted and ethically produced.

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Gifts for Travelers: 10 Creative Travel Gift Ideas for Globetrotters

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion, finding the perfect gift for globe-trotting friends or travel-loving family members can sometimes be a challenge. We understand the importance of finding a gift that brings joy and awakens the adventurous spirit of globetrotters. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 gift ideas for travelers. From stylish travel bags to exquisite leather accessories – here, you'll find inspiration for gifts that will make the hearts of travelers soar.

1. Handcrafted Leather Travel Bag:

A handcrafted leather travel bag is a timeless gift for adventurers. It combines style and functionality, offers ample storage space, and is sturdy enough to withstand adventures.

2. Travel Wallet:

A travel wallet or travel organizer can make staying organized while on the go or on vacation easier. It holds passports, tickets, and documents – a practical and stylish gift idea.

3. Canvas Backpack with Leather Details:

A canvas backpack with beautiful details is the perfect companion for active travelers. It blends durability and aesthetics and provides enough space for gear and personal belongings.

4. Travel Journal with Leather Cover:

A travel journal with a leather cover is an ideal gift for travel writers or adventurers who want to capture their experiences. A stylish and practical accessory.

5. Leather Wallet with RFID Protection:

Protect a globetrotter's finances with a leather wallet that offers RFID blocking. This gift idea combines security with elegance.

6. Canvas Toiletry Bag:

A canvas toiletry bag is an essential travel accessory. Convenient for toiletries and cosmetics, it's a gift that's useful on every journey. A must-have.

7. Leather Passport Cover:

A leather passport cover adds protection and style to a passport. This gift shows your concern for the security of travel documents.

8. Canvas Weekender Bag:

A canvas weekender bag is ideal for short getaways. It's spacious and versatile – perfect for spontaneous adventures.

9. Leather Cable Organizer:

A leather cable organizer is a practical gift for modern travelers. It helps keep cables, power banks, noise-canceling headphones, and electronic accessories tidy, making charging on the go easier.

10. Leather Knife Roll:

A leather knife roll is the perfect gift for outdoor grillers and ambitious home cooks who want to have their valuable kitchen knives with them on vacation or during outdoor activities. Just like the pros.


Why Do Travel-Themed Gifts Make Sense?

Gifts are not just physical objects; they also express emotions, appreciation, and love. Giving is a wonderful way to share joy and strengthen bonds. When you choose a gift that reflects the recipient's passion, you show that you value their interests and sense of adventure. However, travel-themed gifts go a step further, as they represent more than just the thought behind the gift – they symbolize the yearning for exploration, the wanderlust, the fascination with distant places, and the urge to discover the world.

Imagine giving a travel-loving friend a handcrafted leather travel bag from the DRAKENSBERG collection. Every time they pack that bag, they'll think of you and feel the excitement of upcoming journeys. The bag becomes a loyal companion on adventures, whether it's a spontaneous weekend getaway or an epic journey around the world. Such a gift creates memories and inspiration that last a lifetime, connecting you to the recipient in a special way.


The Top 10 Occasions for Travel-Themed Gifts

Travel-themed gifts are versatile and suitable for a variety of occasions. Here are our top 10 opportunities to give travel-themed gifts:

1. Birthday:

A birthday is a perfect opportunity to give a gift to a travel-loving friend or family member that celebrates their sense of adventure and love for travel.

2. Christmas:

During the festive season, you can bring joy and anticipation for upcoming travels with gifts that awaken wanderlust.

3. Wedding:

A couple who loves traveling together will appreciate gifts that support their future adventures, whether it's a travel bag or a voucher for a romantic getaway.

4. Anniversary:

Show your partner how much you value the shared travel experiences by choosing a travel-themed gift that celebrates your adventurous spirit.

5. Farewell:

When a friend or family member is embarking on a journey or moving, a travel-themed gift is a lovely way to bid farewell and provide joy for future experiences.

6. Retirement:

A retiree with a passion for travel will appreciate a gift that will be useful on their future journeys.

7. Graduation:

A graduate planning an exciting journey after studies will appreciate a travel-themed gift as encouragement and support.

8. New Beginning:

A travel-themed gift can symbolize that life is a continuous adventure, whether it's moving to a new city or embarking on a new career path.

9. Engagement:

A couple about to embark on the journey of a lifetime will welcome gifts that honor their upcoming adventures.

10. Friendship Anniversary:

When celebrating a longstanding friendship, you can honor the many shared experiences and the anticipation of future adventures with a travel-themed gift.

Travel-themed gifts are a wonderful way to share emotions, joy, and a sense of adventure. They can help create memories and celebrate the significance of travel as a source of freedom, discovery, and new horizons.


The Magic of Craftsmanship and Individuality

DRAKENSBERG places special emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. Each product is carefully crafted by skilled artisans to meet the highest standards. The handcrafted leather accessories and travel items are unique pieces that tell a special story. These products exude an aura of individuality – just like the globetrotter you're gifting.

By gifting ideas from the DRAKENSBERG collection, you're not only giving an object but also a piece of longing, freedom, and inspiration. You're encouraging the recipient to explore the world, discover new horizons, and collect unforgettable experiences. Your gift will accompany them on their travels and bring a smile to their face each time they use it.

In a time when experiences are often valued more than possessions, travel-themed gifts offer a unique opportunity to share deep feelings and shared adventures. From a handcrafted leather travel bag to a stylish canvas backpack with leather details – at DRAKENSBERG, you'll find many gifts for travelers or special individuals.


What to Avoid When Giving Travel-Themed Gifts

When giving travel-themed gifts, there are some aspects to consider to ensure your gift is appropriate, meaningful, and appreciated. Here are some things to avoid:

Impersonal Gifts:

Avoid gifts that lack a personal connection to the recipient. Instead, choose something that reflects their interests, preferences, or travel goals.

Excessively Clichéd Gifts:

Avoid stereotypical or overly clichéd gifts that may not align with the recipient's personality. Try to find creative and unique gift ideas.

Lack of Practicality:

Choose gifts that are actually useful for travel. Avoid items that are bulky or have limited use.

Poor Quality & Fake Materials:

Avoid low-quality or poorly crafted products. Invest in high-quality gifts that are durable and functional. Don't fall for inferior materials or poor leather quality. Plastic is often used to mimic leather strength.

Wrong Size or Weight:

Ensure the gift is practical for transportation, especially if the recipient travels a lot. Avoid gifts that are too heavy or bulky.


Are DRAKENSBERG Products Sustainable?

DRAKENSBERG items stand out significantly from the norm. Sustainability is not just a marketing element for us; it's an essential part of our design philosophy. Our focus is on authentic products that could have been made in their current form even 200 years ago, before plastics existed and only emerged in the mid-19th century (1862).

Currently, there is no single leather goods manufacturer that could serve as a model for us. Even the most significant names in the industry still rely solely on traditional chrome tanning. Many companies merely alter the leather's surface to create the illusion of greater material thickness through plastic lamination. The term "genuine leather" has become overused and rarely accurate. Often, it's more about sales promotion than true substance.

Our products are crafted in India. Our workshop is a family-run business, and its long-term employees create our bags with joy and passion. Over our many years of collaboration, a genuine friendship has developed from this connection. The production conditions are socially responsible and comply with BSCI standards. We regularly personally inspect these conditions. Both our leather and our cotton fabrics come directly from India.

For dyeing our cotton fabrics, we use only dyes that are free from AZO colors. Our leather is vegetable-tanned, which means we primarily use plant-based tanning agents and avoid the use of aggressive chemicals. Our standards are not only socially and environmentally responsible but exceed the usual benchmarks. However, we see it as our duty to continuously improve and refine our ecological and social "footprint," not out of ideological considerations but because it aligns with the product and our philosophy.

Our leather tannery is certified according to the LWG standard, and we use vegetable tanning agents for processing. The Leather Working Group (LWG) aims to make conditions in tanneries and intermediaries more transparent and sustainable. To achieve these goals, the Leather Working Group has developed an audit protocol for sustainable and responsible leather production.