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High quality leather and canvas travel wallets

Our leather and canvas travel wallets and purses will help you keep all your important documents, credit cards and money organised and safe. Many of these handmade leather accessories for men and women are embellished with inspirational travel quotes.

Purses and travel wallets by DRAKENSBERG, the ideal gift for globetrotters

Are you still looking for an unusual wallet as a gift for a favourite person? Are you looking for a Christmas or birthday present for a true globetrotter or a real individualist? Then perhaps our travel wallets or men's wallets with coin compartments are the perfect gift. Our travel wallets feature lovely details, such as engraved and inspiring travel quotes on the inside of the wallets. Handmade unique pieces with cosmopolitan flair.

What is special about DRAKENSBERG travel wallets?

We base the design of our travel wallets and vintage purses on historical models from the 19th and early 20th centuries. When designing our travel organizers made of canvas and leather, we stayed as close as possible to the originals. Which means we avoid plastics as much as possible and use mainly cotton and full-grain buffalo leather for the construction.

What is the difference between a purse and a wallet?

In principle, both terms mean a small bag or pouch for storing means of payment, such as banknotes, coins or credit cards and identification documents. There is no significant difference. The difference, even if no longer contemporary, lies in the linguistic usage of whether the purse is for women or men. Women's wallets are often called purses, they are also often long wallets with many compartments. For men, the general term is wallet.

Where do men carry their wallets?

Classically, men carry wallets in the right back pocket of their trousers. Alternatively, they are carried in the inside pocket of the jacket or sports coat. Since the triumph of smartphones, however, the wallet has been competing for the "place in the trousers". Add to that an opulent bunch of keys and these valuables ruin any outfit. Small men's cross-body bags or the increasingly popular fanny packs in leather or canvas are a remedy.

What is a good men's leather wallet?

A wallet for men is a purchase for an entire lifetime. Hardly any other item is taken in hand more often. Hardly any accessory contains more important documents than a wallet. Besides money and identity documents, we also use wallets to store memories and photos of our favorite people. We therefore recommend that you let your heart be a deciding factor when making a purchase decision, in addition to function and quality. A good wallet also has a soul factor, an emotional value. Because "you can only see well with your heart. The essentials are invisible to the eyes."

What types of wallets are there for men?

Basically, wallets for men can be divided into three size groups:

  • mini wallets or slim wallets (up to 8 x 10cm).
  • compact wallets (up to 12 x 11 cm)
  • long wallets or travel wallets (13 x 24cm)

Mini wallets and slim wallets offer space for essentials and take up little room in your trousers or jacket. However, there is usually no room for coins in these purist mini wallets. Slim wallets are mainly suitable for storing cards and card payment means.

Compact wallets are the classic wallets. They offer space for 8-14 cards, banknotes and coins. In addition, collectible cards, ID cards and driving licenses can be accommodated.

Large wallets or travel wallets are spacious and rectangular cut wallets for organizing travel documents, means of payment, foreign exchange, board cards and passports.

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