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Inspiring wallets made of canvas and leather, individual and unique

We use only high-quality and sustainable materials for our products, such as leather and cotton. These original materials give our products their genuine identity. Numerous steps of manual labor go into each piece. Every piece is unique.

Wallets by DRAKENSBERG, the ideal gift for globetrotters

Still looking for an exceptional wallet as a gift for a special someone? Perhaps you're searching for a Christmas or birthday gift for a world traveler or a true individualist? Our travel wallets or men's wallets with coin compartments might be the perfect gift. Our travel wallets feature thoughtful details, such as engraved and inspiring travel quotes on the insides. Handmade unique pieces with a cosmopolitan flair.


What makes DRAKENSBERG wallets unique?

We take inspiration from historical designs of wallets from the 19th and early 20th centuries for our vintage wallets. When designing our travel organizers made of canvas and leather, we have stayed as close to the originals as possible. This means we avoid plastics as much as possible and use mainly cotton and full-grain buffalo leather for construction.


What is the ideal color for a wallet?

The color choice for your wallet depends on your personal preferences, style considerations, and practical considerations.


Black is a classic and timeless color that radiates elegance and seriousness. A black wallet is versatile and suitable for formal occasions.


Brown shades are typically warm and natural colors that fit well with a casual or business style. Brown shades can range from rustic to sophisticated.


Light brown shades can convey a more relaxed and casual look. They are ideal for everyday use and can match various outfits.

Olive Green:

This military-inspired color, a staple in many people's wardrobes, is a perfect alternative to navy blue, black, and brown. It's a refreshing splash of color without being too bold. By the way, olive green looks great on our Travis model.


What is essential for a wallet?

Generally, there are some fundamental items that should be in your wallet for everyday use and financial transactions. Here are some crucial items:

  1. Cash and coins: The primary purpose of your wallet – to store cash.

  2. Bank and credit cards: Debit or payment cards to make purchases and withdrawals.

  3. ID or driver's license: A valid photo ID for identification.

  4. Health insurance card: A card or documents you can use in case of illness for medical treatment.

  5. Emergency contacts: A note or card with vital emergency contacts in case you lose your phone or it's not working.

  6. Public transportation card: A ticket or card for public transport if you use it regularly.

  7. Vouchers or loyalty cards: If you shop often at specific stores, you might carry vouchers or loyalty cards for discounts or rewards.

  8. Change: Coins for smaller purchases or parking meters.

  9. Notes or shopping lists: Small notes or lists you need to remember.

  10. Business cards: Your business cards to distribute on occasions.

Make sure not to overfill your wallet to avoid clutter. Adjust its contents according to your individual needs and ensure you securely store essential personal and financial information. RFID protection can be helpful in preventing the fraudulent scanning of your cards.


What is the difference between a Wallet and a Purse?

The terms "wallet" and "purse" are often used interchangeably in various parts of the world, but they can denote different items depending on the cultural and regional context:

1. Functionality and Design:

  • Wallet: Typically, a wallet is a small, flat case that can be used to carry personal items such as cash, credit cards, identification cards, and other small documents. It is designed to fit conveniently in a pocket.
  • Purse: The term "purse" originally referred to a small bag for holding coins. In American English, however, a "purse" has evolved to mean a larger bag that women carry. This bag can hold items like wallets, cosmetics, mobile phones, and other personal belongings.

2. Cultural Variations:

  • In the UK and some other countries, a "purse" is often a small pouch where coins are kept, and it might be carried inside a larger handbag. A "wallet" in these places is more typically associated with a foldable holder for notes and cards.
  • In the US, a "wallet" is the small pocket-sized holder for cash and cards, while "purse" typically refers to what UK residents would call a "handbag".

3. Materials and Construction:

  • Wallets are typically made of leather or fabric and can be folded. They have compartments or slots for keeping cash flat and slots for cards.
  • Purses, when referring to coin pouches, can be made from a wider variety of materials. When referring to handbags, they can vary widely in size, shape, material, and structure.

4. Usage by Gender:

  • Wallets: Although wallets are used by both men and women, some designs are more typical for one gender.
  • Purses (Handbags): In the context of handbags, these are predominantly used by women.


Where do men carry their wallets?

Traditionally, men carry their wallets in their right trouser pocket. Alternatively, in an inner pocket of a jacket or blazer. However, since the rise of smartphones, wallets have had competition for "space in the pants". Add a bulky set of keys, and these valuables can ruin any outfit. The solution? Small cross-bags for men, or the increasingly popular fanny packs or neck pouches.


What constitutes a good men's wallet?

A wallet is an investment for a significant period of your life and a loyal everyday companion. Hardly any object is handled more often. Few accessories hold more critical documents than a wallet. Apart from money and ID documents, we also use wallets to store memories and photos of our loved ones. We, therefore, recommend letting your heart decide as much as function and quality when purchasing. A good wallet, therefore, also has a soul factor, an emotional value. Because "one sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye."


What wallet shapes are available for men?

Generally, men's wallets can be divided into three size groups:

  • Mini wallets or Slim Wallets (up to 8 x 10cm)

  • Compact wallets (up to 12 x 11cm)

  • Large wallets (13 x 24cm)

  • Money clips

Mini wallets and Slim Wallets provide compartments for essentials and take up minimal space in your pocket or jacket. However, these minimalist mini wallets typically don't have space for coins. Slim Wallets are mainly suitable for storing cards and card payment tools.

Compact wallets have space for a few bills, coins, cards, and ID documents. This type of wallet is ideal for men who prefer compact wallets but want to keep their essentials at hand.

Large wallets, as the name suggests, offer ample space for various cards, documents, banknotes, and coins. Such wallets are suitable for those who prefer to have everything in one place and who don't mind a more substantial size. However, they tend to be less handy and can appear bulky in trouser pockets. Nevertheless, they fit perfectly in jacket pockets or bags.

Money clips are typically just for banknotes and can be combined with card cases. They offer a minimalist approach to the conventional wallet.


How can you tell if a wallet is high quality?

There are a few factors that determine the quality of a wallet. This includes the material, craftsmanship, design, functionality, and sustainability:

  • Material: Natural materials such as leather, especially full-grain leather, are durable and aesthetically pleasing. They develop a beautiful patina over time. Canvas or textiles must be sturdy and resistant to wear.

  • Craftsmanship: A high-quality wallet requires meticulous workmanship. The seams should be clean, straight, and consistent. They shouldn't unravel easily. The interior compartments should be well organized, and all elements should be securely anchored.

  • Design: Beyond aesthetics, a good design also considers functionality. An ideal wallet layout should allow easy access to its contents.

  • Functionality: A good wallet should accommodate your needs without being too bulky. There should be sufficient compartments for cards, bills, and coins.

  • Sustainability: Wallets made from sustainable materials or with sustainable production methods have an added value in today's conscious market. If you value sustainability, look for brands or products that emphasize this in their production and materials.


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