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Extraordinary people,
extraordinary journeys!

Your adventure –
your story with Drakensberg

A good journey, a spontaneous adventure or an unforgettable experience, sometimes accompanies us for a lifetime. An exciting journey can change us and make us better people. Our bags are designed to inspire you to give your travels a meaning and make them special.

Where did your Drakensberg bag take you? A crazy and spontaneous weekend trip or to the trip of your lifetime? Tell us your story and with a little luck we will publish your story on our website. As a small “thank you” you will receive an original Drakensberg coffee mug.

Drakensberg – For meaningful travelling – Because adventures can be everywhere.

Anni & Mathias Story with Drakensberg

We are Annika and Mathias, travel photographers from the Palatinate. Always on the lookout for that special adventure, the most beautiful spots on earth and touching encounters. Of course we didn't miss the natural spectacle, the volcanic eruption of Fagradalsfjall in Iceland! And this is our story.

The darker it gets, the more clearly you see the liquid, red glowing stone. You can feel the heat even at a distance and we are absolutely thrilled. What a sight! A hill that is open at the top, thundering lava spurting out and flowing towards us.

Carsten’s Story
with Drakensberg

Art is adventure: Carsten is restlessly drawn to the deserts of this world. He creates poetic declarations of love to the nature. Pictures painted for eternity from the elements of mother earth.

Daniel’s Story
with Drakensberg

Varied India: arduous journey, special tea and impressive views. Daniel's trip to Darjeeling gave him impressions for eternity and a very special moment.

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