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Travel Bag "Steve"

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Consistent is sometimes not consistent enough. With our Travel Bag "Steve" we wanted to take the adventure look to the extreme and create a homage to the classic expedition luggage. David Livingstone's luggage could have looked something like this on one of his numerous expeditions across 19th century South Africa. He discovered the famous Victoria Falls, was the first European to cross the Kalahari Desert and found the origin of the Congo. Just like Livingstone, the Travel Bag "Steve" is a mixture of gentleman and adventurer. Authentic design combined with the highest quality workmanship and the best materials. And long journeys require a lot of storage space. That's why we have given our Long Weekender plenty of storage space and many practical stowage options. Livingstone has always been a traveller who has faced all adversities and is still known today for his extraordinary courage to discover new things. From him comes the quote: "I will go anywhere, provided it is forward!" There is no better way to sum up the qualities of our Long Weekender. This bag wants to discover the world but not as a silent partner. Without compromise. Off to new horizons!

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