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Always perfectly organized: With Cable Bags made of fine leather

A Cable Bag made of leather is indispensable for every traveler. It not only ensures perfect organization of cables and chargers but also reliably protects your tech accessories. Its elegant design brings a touch of luxury to everyday travel.

What is the purpose of a Cable Bag?

In today's fast-paced digital world, traveling is often associated with a technology marathon. Your smartphone, tablet, camera – they all need power and the right charging cable. This is where the cable organizer bag comes into play!

Ends cable chaos:

Yes, we all know it! Charging cables get tangled, headphones disappear, and suddenly the USB cable of the external hard drive is missing. With a Cable Bag, you have everything under control. Every tech accessory has its place; you can organize your cables and chargers efficiently, putting an end to constant rummaging in your bag.

Travel Essential:

On trips, the Cable Bag reveals its true potential. It not only protects your cables and other equipment from unsightly scratches but also helps you to have everything at hand quickly. Airport security check? No problem, everything is neatly stored and readily accessible! The dimensions of a Cable Bag are manageable and don't take up much space in your hand luggage.

Vintage style meets function:

A Cable Bag is not only practical but can also be truly stylish. It comes in various sizes, colors, and designs. A sturdy zipper ensures that the contents remain safe, while a thoughtful layout ensures that each cable, charger, storage device, and any other accessory finds its place.

More than just for cables:

Don't think that this bag is just for charging cables. No, from power banks to SD cards to travel adapters – here you can sort and organize all small parts. Our large cable pouches can even store large over-ear headphones with ease.

In short: A Cable Bag is the unbeatable companion for every digital nomad. It not only brings a system to everyday life but also ensures that you are always well-equipped while traveling. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to be stylish and organized on the go.


How do I optimally pack Cable Bags?


First, gather all the cables, chargers, and other tech accessories that you want to store. Consider which items you actually need regularly and separate yourself from unnecessary or defective cables.

Sort and filter by categories

Divide the potential content into categories. For instance, sort by: charging cables, headphones, data cables, adapters, hard drives, and other technical accessories.

Roll up cables properly

To prevent the cables from tangling, they should be rolled up neatly. For this, you can use special cable ties or, if your travel cable organizer has them, the integrated loops for attachment.

Use main compartments

Most cable organizers have larger main compartments, ideal for bulkier items like hard drives, power banks, or chargers.

Small pockets for small items

Use the outer pocket, smaller pockets, or mesh compartments inside for items like USB sticks, SD cards, or adapters. This keeps them organized and ensures they don't get lost.


Ensure that the bag and its contents remain clean and free of dust. This not only protects your devices but also extends the lifespan of your bag.


Why is leather a good material for a Cable Bag?

Leather has been a valued material for centuries when it comes to manufacturing bags and other accessories. Leather offers several advantages:

Durability and longevity:

Leather is naturally resistant to wear and can last for decades with proper care. Unlike many synthetic materials, leather ages in a way that is often perceived as more attractive – it develops a patina, which over time makes it appear even more characteristic.


Leather provides natural cushioning and can help protect your cables, chargers, and other accessories from shocks and scratches.


Leather embodies timeless elegance and conveys a sense of luxury and quality. A travel cable organizer made of leather not only looks good but also feels good.


Leather is a natural material that breathes. This means it can wick away moisture, reducing the risk of mold or other pests.


Why we don't make bags from plastic or polyester:

Polyester is a material made from petroleum, has negative environmental impacts, and is especially not biodegradable. Moreover, it offers less breathability than leather, leading to moisture accumulation. Over time, polyester deteriorates in quality, while leather gains character.

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