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High quality leather barbecue aprons for men, distinctive and handmade

Our high-quality professional bbq aprons made of leather and robust cotton canvas reliably protect you from flying sparks and unpleasant grease splashes. In addition, our handmade aprons are a great gift for all ambitious barbecue chefs.

The ideal gift for men: High-quality bbq aprons made of leather and canvas from DRAKENSBERG.

Are you still looking for a special gift for your husband, brother or father? Are you still looking for a Christmas or birthday present for a pit master or budding professional chef? Then maybe our leather barbecue aprons for men are something for you. Handmade unique pieces made of high-quality leather with a soul factor.

What should I look for when buying a barbecue apron?

A bbq apron is protective equipment or workwear for professional chefs. In the kitchen, it is mainly about protection from hot grease and splashing cooking liquids. There is also a risk of burns. Extreme heat is generated at the barbecue in particular. Open fires can also cause flying sparks. A good barbecue apron should consequently provide good protection from frying fat and flying cooking liquids. Similarly, a good cooking apron insulates against extreme heat and unwanted contact with fire sparks. The material of the barbecue apron should thus have a certain strength and insulate as well as be flame retardant. A full-grain leather apron meets these requirements.

What`s so special about DRAKENSBERG bbq aprons?

Sustainability is not an advertising slogan for us, but part of the design. We are concerned with authentic lifestyle accessories. Fair production with natural, authentic materials. As far as possible without plastics.

At the moment, there are actually few manufacturers of leather barbecue aprons or bar aprons that would be a role model for us. Many brands continue to rely on the classic chrome tanning or even the use of split leather (reduction of the material thickness of the leather to save costs).

The term "vegan" leather is also often misleading. It usually refers to a material that is not made from animal skin, but is made with commercially available plastic. There are indeed leather-like materials made from plants, but these are very expensive, rather rare and not suitable for use as barbecue aprons.

We do not use synthetics in our leather barbecue aprons for men. Our leather or canvas is not laminated with plastic. The leather used is sustainably vegetable tanned, even if not entirely without chrome. An original with rough edges, but with a soul factor.

Which is the best barbecue apron for men?

In addition to the product and workmanship quality, the protective properties play a major role. A good bbq apron should be made of a flame-retardant material and have an insulating effect. In the end, a barbecue apron is also a kind of work uniform and should protect the wearer from fire, heat as well as the splashing cooking liquids.

How do I clean and care for a leather bbq apron?

Basically, you should hang the leather apron on a hanger to air after wearing it on the pit. A leather apron does not belong in the washing machine and is also not suitable for hand washing.

Basically, we believe that a leather apron should show its age and the many times it has been used. We therefore recommend superficial cleaning, e.g. with a leather brush and leather eraser at the most. Grease stains become a beautiful patina over the years, just like a pair of high-quality leather trousers. There are also liquid leather care products that have a cleaning effect. However, these products should be tested according to the instructions on the package and on an inconspicuous area. Afterwards, the leather should be lightly greased again so that it does not dry out.

If you grill a lot over direct and open fire, you should think about an additional fire protection impregnation. We recommend, for example, FEUERFEST® fire protection impregnation for textiles. This upgrades our barbecue aprons to fire protection class B1 (flame retardant) according to DIN 4102.

Men's barbecue apron, which size is the right one?

We currently only offer one size. However, our barbecue aprons are adjustable at the neck (size M-XL) and at the waist (90-125cm or size M-XL). We cannot offer barbecue aprons for very "small" and very "large" people, currently. We would like to sincerely apologize for this.

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