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Backpack "Henry"

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In our search for the original form of the backpack, we inevitably ended up at the beginnings of professional mountaineering. Especially the spectacular first ascents at the beginning of the 20th century have captivated us. Many pictures from that time show the happy and overwhelmed faces of the heroes after they finally conquered the summit. The summit that no one had reached before. To leave traces where none had been before. Gripped by a feeling of absolute freedom, deep reverence and truthfulness of their own greatness. This incomparable summit bliss would be unimaginable without reliable equipment. Because the mountain does not forgive. True courage also means knowing the danger. On the mountain you learn trust. Trust in the rope team and the quality of the equipment. Even today, the rucksack is still an essential part of solid climbing equipment. Like a patron saint, it watches over supplies and equipment. The weight on the shoulder gives a feeling of security. Our Backpack "Henry" is our tribute to the heroes of mountaineering and an authentic replica of these masterpieces of bag-making art. The material combination of leather and cotton underlines the claim to designer heritage and gives the backpack a handcrafted soul. The Backpack "Henry" is by far our most elaborate bag. But it is exactly the many small details that give this bag seriousness. As a tribute to the eternal heroes. And as inspiration for new heroes. New summit heroes.

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