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It is the rough and fine textures of the parched, cracked earth, the broken boulders, the sand dunes sculpted by the wind that draw me to the deserts of the world. I travel to these landscapes, by jeep, by camel and on foot, to find the ideal place to paint:

In the middle of the Sahara, whether in Libya, Egypt, Mali, Tunisia or Morocco, in the Indian desert of Thar, on Moses Mountain in the Sinai desert, in scree fields of extinct volcanoes and in dried-up, dusty rivers. I mix the materials I find there, such as salt, sand, earth and pigment dust, with colour pigments and binders and apply them to the canvas with trowel and brush. In my works, I seek the hidden, try to track down the truth behind the truth. The inherent principle of all things, that which is inherent in everything, that which moves everything. The invisible without form, which shows itself in patterns and structures for a short period of time, like in the blown sand dunes of the Sahara. For my travels in the deserts of the world, I was looking for backpacks, duffle bags and bags that can withstand the demands of sandstorms and snowstorms as well as temperature fluctuations from - 10 to + 50 °C. Drakensberg bags meet these requirements because their materials are hard-wearing and their workmanship is of high quality. I travel with the Backpack, Duffel Bag and Long Weekender. The closures and inner pockets of each piece are well thought out and still work perfectly, even after years of use. What also particularly appeals to me is their style. On the one hand, their look promises that they will hold up in extreme adventure situations, which they undoubtedly do, but on the other hand, I like to walk around with them in cities because they look great and are practical. I like adventure with style. I just came from the Sahara, shook the sand out of my pockets and am already packing again for my expedition to the Namib and the Kalahari. I am sure that my Dakensberg bags will be first-class travel companions there too.


Carsten's personal 
Drakensberg adventure product

Travel Bag »Steve«
Our travel bag for adventures up to 5 days

Art is adventure: Carsten is drawn restlessly to the desert seas of this world.
In the process, he creates poetic declarations of love for nature.
Pictures painted for eternity from the elements of this earth.


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