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When you think of India, you inevitably think of curry, sacred cows, yoga, the Taj Mahal and colourful robes. Yet India is one of the most diverse countries on earth. There are almost all climatic zones and conceivable topographies. The country is home to 1.3 billion people speaking 22 different languages and is considered the largest democracy in the world. As the seventh largest country on earth, India is also a true giant. The dimensions are almost unimaginable: the distance between northern India and southern India, for example, is comparable to the distance between Canada and Mexico. 

On my many trips to this wonderful country, I have already been able to explore many nooks and crannies and have experienced some of my most beautiful and craziest travel adventures there. Two years ago, a round trip took me to Darjeeling, in the north-east of India on the border of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. 

Even the journey there was breathtaking. After a rough landing at the small military airport near Bagdogra, we went by car up the mountain on narrow serpentine roads. The three-hour drive took me past small colourful villages and emerald green tea gardens, over waterfalls and through dizzying gorges. Then a sign on a building with the words >>Welcome to Darjeeling<< announced my arrival. I could not have sat in that car a minute longer. One would not like to imagine how arduous the journey must have been hundreds of years ago. My accommodation was a bit above the city and so I could enjoy the great view over the city and the mountain panorama, which was unfortunately still a bit cloudy. There is a very special atmosphere here, as the city is 2,185m above sea level and borders on the high plateau of the Himalayas. On a clear day, you have a clear view of Kangchendzönga, the third highest mountain on earth at 8586 metres. 

Darjeeling is world famous for tea cultivation and almost every inhabitant has something to do with tea, directly or indirectly. As a passionate tea drinker, it was of course clear that I had to see a tea garden up close. After a pothole-filled drive over muddy mountain roads, we reached the main building of the tea farm. There we were greeted with a stylish afternoon tea. With a cup of freshly brewed "Orange Pekoe first flush" in my hand, I experienced my perfect moment of the trip. A spectacular panorama of the rolling hills of the tea garden opened up before me. An intense green stretching to the horizon, almost vibrant and yet so calming that it almost has a meditative depth. A moment for the ages. 

It's trips like this that I can't imagine having any other bag than one of my DRAKENSBERG bags. On this trip I had a Duffel Bag and my Travel Wallet with me. I love the duffel bag because you can just fit an extremely large amount in it and it's so wonderfully uncomplicated. The travel wallet from DRAKENSBERG helps me to keep things tidy on my travels, at least where it really matters. And I also keep my passport and frequent flyer cards in this practical bag at home. Unfortunately, I get wanderlust every time I pick up the wallet.

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It is these moments for eternity that make every country special and every journey unique.
When you can feel your own presence and understand the world around you.
For these big moments and the numerous small ones, wanderlust grips me again and again.


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