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Unique Men's Wallets Made of Leather and Canvas – Individual and Inspiring

Our elegant men's leather and canvas wallets help you keep all your essential documents, credit cards, and money well-organized and safely stored. Many of these handmade leather accessories for men are adorned with inspiring travel quotes.

Wallets from DRAKENSBERG – the perfect gift for adventurous men

Looking for an extraordinary wallet as a gift for a special man? Perhaps a Christmas or birthday present for an explorer or a true individualist? Our travel wallets or men's wallets with coin compartments might be the perfect gift. Our travel wallets come with loving details, such as engraved and inspiring travel quotes on the inside. Handcrafted unique pieces with a cosmopolitan flair.


What makes DRAKENSBERG's men's wallets special?

In designing our vintage wallets, we draw inspiration from historical models from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Our travel organizers made of canvas and leather are as close to the originals as possible. This means we largely avoid plastic, primarily using cotton and high-quality buffalo leather.

Currently, no notable brand serves as a benchmark for us. Even the industry's market leaders continue to rely on traditional chrome tann5ing of leather and manipulate the surface texture.

The term "vegan" leather often hides plastic. Only rarely do you encounter leather imitations that are genuinely 100% plant-based. Sadly, the term "natural leather" is often overused these days. Leather reinforced with foam doesn't meet our "natural leather" criteria, but is more akin to inferior leather. For our leather toiletry bags, we consistently use full-grain buffalo leather.

A high-quality men's wallet in the 21st century should not only be functional but should also convey an authentic and honest feeling without making empty promises. At DRAKENSBERG, we largely avoid plastic. Our leather and canvas are not coated with plastic. Our fabrics don't contain plastic fibers. The leather we use is sustainably vegetable-tanned, albeit not entirely without chrome. Our products are unique, have rough edges, but above all, character.


Which color is suitable for men's wallets?

The choice of color for your men's wallet depends on your personal preferences, your style, and practical considerations.


Black is timeless, giving an elegant and serious touch. A black wallet is perfect for formal occasions and is highly versatile.


Brown shades often radiate a warm and natural atmosphere, suitable for a casual or business look, ranging from rustic to refined.


Light brown tones give a relaxed and casual impression, ideal for daily use and can be easily combined with various outfits.

Olive Green:

This military-inspired color is now a staple in many men's wardrobes. As an alternative to navy blue, black, and brown, olive green offers a refreshing accent without being over the top. Our Travis model showcases how good olive green can look.


What should always be in a men's wallet?

A men's wallet should generally contain some basic items you need for daily use and financial transactions. Here are some essential elements:

Cash and coins: Of course, the primary purpose of the wallet is to store cash.

Bank and credit cards: Debit or credit cards, with which you can make purchases and withdraw money.

ID or driver's license: A valid photo ID for identification.

Health insurance card: A card or document needed for medical care in case of illness.

Emergency contacts: A note or card with essential emergency contacts, in case you lose your phone or it doesn't work.

Public transport card: A ticket or card for public transportation, especially if you use it regularly.

Vouchers or loyalty cards: If you frequently shop at specific stores, vouchers or customer cards can be useful for discounts or rewards.

Change: Coins for smaller purchases or parking meters.

Notes or shopping lists: Small notes or lists you need to remember.

Business cards: Your business cards to hand out when needed.

Be careful not to overload your wallet to avoid clutter. Adjust the contents to your individual needs and keep important personal and financial information safe. RFID protection can be helpful in preventing fraudulent reading of your cards.


What is the difference between a wallet and a purse?

The terms "wallet" and "purse" often cause confusion as their meaning can vary depending on the region. In many parts of the world, including the UK, a "purse" typically refers to a small bag carried by women, while a "wallet" is a flat case used for carrying money and cards. In the US, "purse" can refer to a larger bag carried by women, known as a "handbag" in the UK, and "wallet" refers to the same flat case.


Why should you order a men's wallet from DRAKENSBERG?

Choosing a DRAKENSBERG wallet means choosing quality, sustainability, and unique design. Each of our wallets is a statement of individuality, created with great attention to detail. Our sustainable approach ensures a longer lifespan for the wallet, reflecting a deep appreciation for the environment. Every wallet tells a story, with inspiring quotes that can motivate you daily. With our fast DHL shipping and 10 Euro discount on the newsletter, you have even more reasons to choose DRAKENSBERG.

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