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Leather Chef's Apron and Knife Bag Advantage Package for Professional and Aspiring Hobby Chefs

  • Sustainably handmade from high-quality buffalo leather
  • Professional quality for BBQ, grill, kitchen, restaurant, or bar
  • One-size-fits-all, adjustable for waists from 90-125cm
  • Knife bag: 7 interior pockets for blades up to 25x5.5cm
  • Package includes: 1 grill apron, 1 knife bag, and 2 dust bags



100% REAL






BBQ Apron »Bob« & Knive Bag »Blade«


Leather Chef's Apron and Knife Bag Advantage Package for Professional and Aspiring Hobby Chefs

  • Sustainably handmade from high-quality buffalo leather
  • Professional quality for BBQ, grill, kitchen, restaurant, or bar
  • One-size-fits-all, adjustable for waists from 90-125cm
  • Knife bag: 7 interior pockets for blades up to 25x5.5cm
  • Package includes: 1 grill apron, 1 knife bag, and 2 dust bags

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General Information




800g + 400g



Size in cm (HxLxW):

84x62x1 & 40x39x1

Item No.:




Leather Grill Apron and Premium Knife Bag Set, Handcrafted, Havana Brown


  • Material: Full grain buffalo leather (vegetable tanned)
  • Metal parts: Brass

About the product

The leather grill apron "Bob" was designed with great attention to detail, focusing on quality and durability. It serves as protection against heat and splashes in the kitchen and at the grill. The charming aspect of this leather apron is the fact that it becomes even more beautiful with continued use. Over the years, the apron will develop an impressive patina. Keep calm and BBQ!

Ideal for professional and hobby chefs, baristas, or bartenders. Also perfect as a stylish gift or present for men and all Pit Masters.

The "Bob" grill apron is currently offered in one size (One-Size) only. However, the apron can be individually adjusted at the waist (90-125cm or size M-XL) and the neck (size M-XL) via a belt buckle. The apron has two side leather straps, for example, for towels, and 3 practical attached leather pockets for additional grill accessories.

The "Blade" knife bag is a high-quality storage bag made of buffalo leather for valuable kitchen knives. Up to 7 chef's knives, sharpening and cutting tools can be accommodated in the case and transported safely. Once filled, the knife bag can be rolled up and closed with the leather strap and belt buckle. An unusual gift for all cooking professionals and those who aspire to be one. A perfect complement to our popular grill aprons.

The inside of the bag is lined with suede to protect the cutting edges of the knives as much as possible. The 7 interior pockets vary in size: The largest interior pocket fits a knife with blade dimensions of 25 x 5.5 cm. Thanks to the side eyelets, a shoulder strap can be attached if needed.

The bag and grill apron are handcrafted from natural and sustainable leather.

Our story

We are Daniel and Christoph and live our dream. We founded DRAKENSBERG because we want to inspire people to recognize the true value of travel and to strive for it.

To understand the path as the true goal and to grow on it. A good journey means learning. About life and about yourself. We know that a good journey can change a whole life. Our travel bags are silent reminders of the travel spirit of the 19th and 20th century, when traveling was still an adventure and travelers were adventurers.


Maybe you have already noticed, our bags are different. Each product is an elaborately manufactured unique piece with its own little story. The bags are almost completely handmade. We only use high quality leather and natural materials. Paying attention to sustainability and environment.

Leather is a natural material and can have small irregularities. Each leather product is also patinated by hand. This elaborate process makes our products trademarked. No bag can be exactly same as another. Thus, small colour deviations are unfortunately unavoidable and are not a sign of poor quality, but uniqueness.

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FAQs: Frequently asked questions about our BBQ Apron »Bob« & Knive Bag »Blade«

<h3><b>What should you look out for when buying a leather grill apron?</b></h3> <p>Our leather grill apron "Bob", havana-brown, is protective equipment or workwear for professional chefs. In the kitchen, protection against hot fat and splashing cooking liquids is of utmost importance. There's also the risk of burns. Especially at the grill, extreme heat is generated. Open fire can also produce sparks. A good grill apron should therefore provide good protection against frying fat and flying frying liquids. Likewise, a good cooking apron isolates from extreme heat and unwanted contact with fire sparks. The material of the grill apron should therefore be of a certain thickness and insulate as well as be flame-retardant. A leather apron made of full-grain leather meets these requirements.</p> <h3><b>What's special about the grill apron "Bob", havana-brown?</b></h3> <p>Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us, but part of the design. We are about authentic lifestyle accessories. Fair production with natural, authentic materials. Preferably without plastics. There are currently very few manufacturers of leather grill aprons or bar aprons that would be role models for us. Many brands still rely on traditional chrome tanning or even the use of split leather (reducing the material thickness of the leather to save costs). The term "vegan" leather is often misleading. It usually refers to a material that was not made from animal skin, but is made with conventional plastic. There are indeed leather-like materials made from plants, but these are very expensive, quite rare, and not suitable for use as a grill apron. We avoid plastics in our leather grill aprons for men. Our leather or canvas is not laminated with plastic. The leather used is sustainably vegetable-tanned, even if not completely without chrome. An original with its quirks, but with soul.</p> <h3><b>How do I clean and care for the leather grill apron "Bob", havana-brown?</b></h3> <p>Generally, the leather apron should be hung up to air out on a hanger after wearing at the grill. A leather apron does not belong in the washing machine and is also not suitable for hand washing. We believe that a grill apron should show its age and the many times it's been used. Therefore, we recommend superficial cleaning, at most with a leather brush and leather eraser. Over the years, grease stains become a beautiful patina, just like with high-quality leather trousers. There are also liquid leather care products that have a cleansing effect. However, these agents should be tested according to the package instructions and in an inconspicuous spot. Afterward, the leather should be lightly greased again so it doesn't dry out. If you grill a lot over direct and open fire, you should consider additional fire protection impregnation. We recommend, for example, FEUERFESTu00ae fire protection impregnation for textiles. This upgrades our grill aprons to fire protection class B1 (flame-retardant) according to DIN 4102.</p> <h3><b>Will the leather grill apron "Bob", havana-brown fit me?</b></h3> <p>We currently only offer one universal size. However, our grill aprons are adjustable at the neck (size M-XL) and at the waist (90-125cm or size M-XL). For very "small" and very "large" people, we currently do not offer grill aprons.</p> <h3><b>Where and how is the leather grill apron "Bob", havana-brown made?</b></h3> <p>Our goods are produced in India. Our manufacturing facility is a small family business whose long-standing employees craft our bags with great heart and passion. Over the years, our long collaboration has turned into a true friendship. The production conditions are socially acceptable and meet BSCI standards. We personally ensure this regularly. Our leather and cotton fabrics come directly from India. When dyeing our cotton fabrics, we only use dyes that are free from AZO dyes. Our leathers are primarily vegetable-tanned, meaning they are tanned with plant-based materials and without the use of aggressive tanning agents. Our standards are socially and ecologically justifiable and above average. However, it is our aspiration to continue improving and further reduce our ecological and social "footprint".</p> <h3><b>What is the warranty on the leather grill apron "Bob", havana-brown?</b></h3> <p>For all products in our shop, our terms and conditions and return policies apply. The return period is 14 days. The warranty period is 2 years.</p> <h3><b>Is the "Blade" Havana-Brown Knife Bag a Good Gift?</b></h3> <p>A leather knife bag is the perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts, professional chefs, outdoor adventurers, hunters, or collectors of high-quality knives. The bag not only provides protection for valuable knives but also embodies style and functionality, making it a great choice for those looking to elevate their cooking or outdoor experience to the next level.</p><p></p> <h3><b>Why Should You Store Knives in the Havana-Brown Leather "Blade" Knife Bag?</b></h3><ul> <li><strong>Protection of Knife Blades:</strong> A leather knife bag protects the blades from impacts and scratches.</li> <li><strong>Prevention of Accidents:</strong> The bag minimizes the risk of accidental cuts or stabs.</li> <li><strong>Extended Knife Lifespan:</strong> Blades remain sharper and of high quality for longer.</li> <li><strong>Order and Organization:</strong> The bag ensures orderly storage and quick access.</li> <li><strong>Transportation and Travel:</strong> The bag facilitates the secure transportation of kitchen knives.</li> <li><strong>Aesthetics and Professionalism:</strong> The bag adds elegance and demonstrates appreciation for tools.</li> </ul><p></p>

Our leather production is LWG certified

Our leather tannery is certified to the LWG standard and we use only vegetable tanning agents for tanning. The Leather Working Group (LWG) is an initiative to make conditions in tanneries and intermediaries more transparent and to bring about sustainable change. To implement its goals, the Leather Working Group has developed an audit protocol for sustainable and responsible leather production.

Our contribution to the environment with Review Forest

Did you know that we cooperate with Review Forest? For every Google review, we plant a tree. Just join us! Take a minute and write us a positive review, and a tree will bear your name! Just click on the image below and you will be taken directly to our review forest.

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