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Beautiful and stylish backpacks for Women, already true classics

A women's backpack is not just a fashion accessory; it is a symbol of independence and strength. With ease and elegance, it accompanies you on your journey, ready to conquer all the challenges that life throws your way. It is an expression of your personality, showing that you are brave enough to take new paths and explore the world. A women's backpack combines beauty and functionality, and within it, you carry not only your belongings but also the certainty that you can achieve everything you dream of.

What is a Backpack for Women?

A backpack for women is a bag in the form of a sack that is worn on the back with two shoulder straps in the classic way. Especially during longer trips, this is a great advantage as the weight of the luggage is evenly distributed on the back and shoulders. People have appreciated this comfort and functionality for over 5,000 years, as evidenced by findings from the Stone Age.

Due to its high everyday practicality and comfort, the backpack is the most popular piece of luggage of all. It is an excellent companion for travels, daily use, sports, trekking, or as a replacement for a handbag. Backpacks are also well-suited as lightweight bags for bike and motorcycle trips.

Backpacks with laptop compartments are ideal for work, school, or studying.


What Size Should a Women's Backpack Have?

A women's backpack can come in different sizes, as they are manufactured in various designs and for different purposes. The sizes of an average women's backpack, however, are usually approximately as follows:

Height: 40 cm - 50 cm, Width: 20 cm - 30 cm, Depth: 15 cm - 25 cm

It is important to note that these backpack sizes for women are just averages, and there can always be models that deviate from them depending on the brand, features, material, design, model, and purpose of use. There are small women's daypacks for daily use, medium-sized backpacks for hiking, and large travel backpacks for longer trips or outdoor adventures.


What Should I Consider When Buying a Women's Backpack?

What is the Backpack Needed For?

The selection of the right women's backpack depends significantly on its intended use. Both the features and the size or volume should be tailored accordingly. Our vintage backpacks for women are primarily designed for day trips, known as daypacks, and are less suitable for longer tours. For day trips or short distances, backpacks with a capacity of 20-30 liters are recommended.

What Size Should the Backpack Be?

The size of the backpack should also correspond to the wearer's height. The backpack's back length should not exceed that of the wearer. When trying on the backpack, the shoulder straps should be adjusted so that the backpack ends above the lower back.

If you are looking for a companion for longer tours, we recommend the "Dale" backpack. This backpack offers two advantages: it is spacious and waterproof. Its main compartment volume varies between 40 and 60 liters, providing enough space for clothing for 4-6 days.

What Material Should the Backpack Be Made Of?

The choice of the right outer material depends not only on the intended use but also on the price. The material "canvas" (pure cotton) is lighter and more affordable but less structurally stable compared to leather. Leather, on the other hand, gives the backpack an elegant look but comes with a higher price tag.

What Color Is Suitable?

The decision regarding bag designs and colors also depends on personal preferences and the intended use. For mountain tours, nature excursions, or wildlife observations, it is generally recommended to choose subdued solid colors such as green or beige to blend in. For all other purposes, any color that brings joy is allowed.


What Types of Backpacks Are There for Women?

There is a variety of backpacks designed for different purposes and activities. Here are some of the most common types of backpacks:


A daypack is a lightweight and compact backpack designed specifically for use during day trips or short hikes. It provides enough volume to securely store all necessary items for the day, such as water bottles, snacks, sunscreen, a camera, and other personal belongings. With padded shoulder straps and a comfortable carrying system, a daypack offers pleasant comfort throughout the day.

City Backpack for Urban Safaris:

A city backpack is a compact and small backpack designed for urban lifestyles in the city. It is the ideal replacement for a handbag when you want to have your arms free while strolling through the city or shopping. It offers enough space and organizational options for essential everyday items such as smartphones, wallets, keys, water bottles, and more.

Trekking Backpack for Outdoor Adventures:

Travel backpacks or hiking backpacks are specifically designed for outdoor adventures, hikes, mountain tours, and trekking. Trekking backpacks usually offer more comfort, details, storage space, and are equipped with useful features such as hip belts, back systems, carrying systems, chest straps, ventilation, or additional attachment options for accessories.

Laptop Backpacks:

A laptop backpack is a specially designed backpack that provides a padded compartment for safely carrying laptops. It has additional volume for accessories and other personal items, making it a practical solution for professionals, students, and travelers.

Roll-Top Backpacks or Bike Backpacks:

These backpacks for women are ergonomically designed and feature a rollable top, making them flexible. Roll-top backpacks are suitable for transporting sports equipment, going on city tours, or biking excursions.

School Backpacks:

These backpacks with storage space are specifically designed for use in school or university studies. They are ideal for carrying textbooks, notebooks, and other school items. Ideally, backpacks in this category have a lightweight design, a compartment for a laptop or tablet, inner pockets, and additional compartments to organize school life. However, the models from our current range are not suitable for children under 12 years old. We recommend our backpack "Lenny" as a school backpack.


Are DRAKENSBERG Women's Backpacks Waterproof?

Most of our backpacks are not waterproof or water-resistant.

The models "Adam" and "Dale," made from waxed cotton, are water-resistant. These models can withstand considerable rain and are particularly structurally stable due to the incorporated wax in the outer material.

For the rest of our collection, we deliberately maintain a natural and non-impregnated state for authenticity reasons. However, our men's backpacks can be relatively easily impregnated for everyday use, making them at least water-resistant. Transparent impregnation sprays for leather and textiles, such as IMPRÄGNOL Universal Impregnation Spray, are suitable for this purpose. Alternatively, our cotton fabrics can be treated with wax, such as Dr. Gee's impregnating wax. We recommend testing the wax as per the instructions in an inconspicuous place on the material before treating the entire bag. Please note: The color of the material may become 1-2 shades darker due to the impregnating wax.

For absolute waterproofing, a backpack must be made entirely of plastic.


Which Women's Backpacks Are Currently Trending?

This year, roll-top backpacks continue to be in trend and are highly popular due to their practical and stylish features. In our online shop, you will find a wide selection of variations for every occasion and in different designs. We recommend the model "Wyatt." In addition to the popular roll-top backpacks, women's shoulder backpacks, such as the model "Mateo," are also trending, as well as fanny packs as an alternative for lightweight luggage.


How Do I Properly Wear a Women's Backpack?

You can wear a women's backpack in various ways, depending on your personal style, comfort, occasion, or event. Here are some common ways to wear a women's backpack:

Over Both Shoulders:

Wear the straps over both shoulders and adjust them so that the backpack sits comfortably on your back. Tighten the straps to avoid slipping.

Over One Shoulder:

If you prefer a more casual look, you can wear the women's backpack over one shoulder. This is especially practical when you need quick access to your belongings. However, note that carrying it on one side can lead to uneven weight distribution, making it less advisable for heavy contents.


Some women's backpacks have longer straps that allow you to wear the backpack crossbody. This style is perfect if you want your hands free or wish to achieve a trendy look for the day.

Carrying it by Hand:

If the women's backpack has a handle, you can also carry it comfortably by hand, similar to a handbag.


Which Is the Best Brand for Women's Backpacks?

The backpacks for women from DRAKENSBERG are anything but ordinary. Sustainability is not an empty promise for us but an integral part of the appearance and features of our backpacks. Our mission is to create authentic products with style that could have been made similarly 200 years ago, with natural materials such as pure cotton, full-grain, and vegetable-tanned leather, as well as YKK zippers, without the use of polyester or nylon.

Currently, there is no established company for women's backpacks that could serve as a role model for us. Even large brands still rely on traditional chrome tanning and alter the surfaces of the leather. The widespread plastic lamination, in which a higher material thickness of the leather is imitated with a foam insert, is also common in the industry.

The term "vegan" leather often hides conventional plastic. Only rarely can one find actually leather-like materials that are 100% made from plants. Unfortunately, the term "natural leather" is also used inflationarily nowadays. For us, leather reinforced with foam is not "natural leather," but rather inferior.

In the 21st century, a high-quality backpack should convey a good and honest feeling and not make empty promises. In our company, we largely rely on natural materials and avoid plastic. Neither our leather nor our canvas is laminated with plastic, and our outer fabrics contain neither nylon nor polyester. The leather we use is sustainably and mostly vegetable-tanned. This makes our bags authentic and unique in style and character.


Are DRAKENSBERG Women's Backpacks Sustainable?

Unfortunately, there is no uniform terminology when it comes to sustainability. This makes it even more challenging for consumers to find their way around. One thing is certain, though: there is no absolute sustainability. There are only more sustainable and less sustainable manufacturers. It is less about what manufacturers and brands claim, but what is genuinely true and demonstrable.

Timeless Design

For us, sustainability starts with the backpack design. The longer-lasting a design is (and our design has been around for over 200 years), the longer the design's lifecycle, and the longer the product will be used. We call this Slow Fashion.

High Quality

Logically, good product quality helps to extend the product's lifespan. Good materials and good construction also make it easier to repair later on if something happens.

Natural Materials

Sustainable Materials: We primarily use natural materials like leather and cotton, all of which are biodegradable or recyclable.

Fair and Clean Production

Fair production and clean manufacturing: We value fair working conditions and regularly strive to improve the environmental impact of our products.

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