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Simon's story

For seven years he risked his life as a war photographer to document the events in the hot spots of this world - he returned home unscathed, but he still had to pay for his experiences.

He sought adventure with great fascination for war and often looked into the abyss, including his own.

For years, crisis areas like Iraq and Afghanistan were his home. Again and again he was drawn to the front and thus experienced the brutality of war at close quarters. He reported from war theatres such as Baghdad, Kabul and Kandahar and thus became a real eyewitness. His reportage and photographs received international attention, with publications including Der Spiegel, Bild, NBC News, New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Sunday Times, The Huffington Post, USA Today and Al Jazeera America.

"Those who have taken the plunge and walked through fire understand that war is an inseparable part of being human. In war, man shows what he is capable of. As if in a frenzy, one encounters the absolute will to destroy and yet witnesses acts of the greatest love and self-sacrifice. In between, there are often only a few moments of chaos and violence and blood, in which the separation between the human and the inhuman no longer exists." - Simon Klingert

The price of the experiences and memories, however, became greater with each journey and each reportage. Some of his friends, mentors and companions paid the highest price. After many dangerous missions in the hot spots of this world and many a drastic experience, the war photographer decided to hang up his camera and prefer to write and report from afar.

As a lover of timeless aesthetics, our Long Weekender in green became his constant travel companion. To this day, he associates the bag with some of his most exciting travel experiences. Hopefully, it will also inspire him to embark on new, perhaps less dangerous adventures.

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Simon's personal
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