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Minimalist leather card holder in vintage design

A leather card holder is a stylish and compact accessory that keeps your most important payment cards and banknotes safe. With its slim elegance, it gives you a sophisticated look and fits perfectly in any trouser pocket. An indispensable companion for style-conscious people who value functionality and timeless class.

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Card case »Blake«Card case »Blake«
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What is a card holder?

A card case, often also referred to as a case for cards, is a stylish companion for men and women who value style and functionality. This compact accessory offers the possibility of storing credit cards, business cards and bonus cards safely and in a space-saving manner in everyday life. The card case is characterized by its small dimensions, size and practical shape, which means it fits easily into your trouser pocket.

Card cases, especially credit card cases and business card cases, are often made of smooth leather, a material that is valued not only for its durability but also for its timeless style. Payment cards or business cards can be easily stored in the various slots of such a case. This means that you always have the necessary means of payment to hand without having to carry around an overfilled wallet.

If you are looking for a credit card holder that impresses with both its design and functionality, then a card holder made of genuine leather is the ideal solution. They are not only useful accessories, but also an expression of your personal style. Especially in times when the number of credit cards, business cards or membership cards is constantly increasing, credit card holders offer the perfect way to keep things organized while maintaining elegance.

Combined with our buffalo leather handbags for men and women in the design of the 18th and 19th centuries, such cases become an indispensable companion on your travels or in everyday life. Let yourself be convinced by the quality, shape and charm of our products and accessories and experience the trip of a lifetime with us.

A card case is also very suitable as an elegant gift for a small price.

Which cards do you keep in a card case?

A card case is used to store various types of cards that are important in daily life or on special occasions. Here is a list of the most common card models and items that can be stored in a card case:

Credit card:

These are now an integral part of everyday life and are often stored in card cases or credit card cases to keep them close at hand.

Payment cards or debit cards:

Similar to credit cards, these are also used frequently and stored safely in a card case.

Business Cards:

Business card holders are essential for business people to keep their own business cards ready or to store received business cards in an orderly manner.

Membership cards:

Be it for the sports club, the library or other associations – such membership cards also find space in card cases.

Bonus cards:

Many stores offer loyalty programs where you can collect points with bonus cards. These loyalty cards are often kept in cases. Thanks to the slots, you always have them neatly organized and to hand.

Driving license and identity card:

Some card case designs also offer space for these official documents in card format.

Insurance cards:

Be it the health card or other insurance cards – they can also be stored in a case.

Tickets and subscriptions:

For the regular commuter or the occasional traveler, such cards can be important and can be safely stored in card cases.

A high-quality card case, perhaps made of fine buffalo leather or another sustainable material, not only helps keep cards safe and organized, but is also a stylish accessory. It is reminiscent of the elegance of the 18th and 19th centuries - a time when even the smallest details in design counted. Such a card case could be the perfect companion for today's adventurers who value both functionality and style.

Which colors are right for a card case?

Choosing the right color for a card holder depends on personal preference, intended use, and desired style. Here are some of the most common card holder colors for men and women and why they are popular:

1. Black : This classic and timeless color goes with almost everything. A black card holder looks elegant, professional and is especially popular with business people.

2. Brown : Available in various shades from light brown to dark brown, this color conveys a warm, natural and often vintage-inspired look. A brown card holder, especially when made from high-quality buffalo leather, often exudes a rustic elegance.

3. Blue : Blue card holders, especially in dark tones like navy, offer a stylish yet colorful alternative to the more classic colors.

There are, of course, many other color variations and patterns that can be chosen depending on your taste and style. For a case that is reminiscent of the look of the 18th and 19th centuries, earthy and natural tones could be particularly suitable, as they reflect the historical flair of these eras.