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Handmade leather bum bags: a must-have

With a bum bag you have the freedom to have your hands free and at the same time store all your important things safely and within easy reach. It accompanies you on carefree adventures and lets you fully enjoy the moment. The perfect addition for spontaneous discoveries and a symbol of your personal style.

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Since when have bum bags been around? Classic or trend?

The history of bum bags, also known as belt bags or fanny packs, is both fascinating and far-reaching.

Ancient Origins: The idea of ​​a bag worn on the body can be traced back to ancient times. The ancient Romans had a similar bag called a "birrus" or "bursa" that was worn on the belt.

19th century: In the late 1800s, belt bags were used by middle-class society in Europe while traveling. They were often made of genuine leather and were used to safely store money and important papers.

1980s: The fanny pack experienced a renaissance in the 1980s and became a fashion accessory. It became popular with tourists as well as in the skating, fitness and dance scenes.

21st century: After a period of decline, the bum bag has made a comeback in recent years. It is popular in both high fashion and streetwear and is available in various materials, including leather and canvas. A new style is that the bum bag can be worn as a cross-bag or crossbody.

Leather bum bags symbolize a combination of function, fashion, outfit, style and values ​​that has been reinterpreted over the centuries. Their history is a testament to the enduring fascination they exert as a practical and stylish accessory.

What is special about DRAKENSBERG leather bum bags?

A leather bum bag from the DRAKENSBERG brand is not just an accessory, but a companion for the adventurer. Made from sustainable materials such as buffalo leather and cotton, belt bags are a sign of quality and authenticity. Each bum bag goes through many steps of handcrafting to ensure that it is not only practical, but also of high emotional value. The combination of 18th and 19th century design with modern requirements makes it a timeless piece for the discerning traveler.

What are leather fanny packs and what are they used for?

A fanny pack is a practical bag that is worn around the waist or over the shoulder. It is used to safely and conveniently carry important items such as wallet, keys, cell phone and other small items.

What can you carry in a bum bag?

A fanny pack can hold all the important items for everyday life or the next big adventure. From wallets, keys and cell phones to travel documents, cameras or small snacks - the fanny pack for men offers enough space without being bulky or heavy. For the adventurer who values ​​quality and dreams big, it is the perfect accessory to keep all of your belongings close at hand.

Why is a leather fanny pack a practical accessory for travel and outdoor activities?

Bum bags are ideal for travel, sports and outdoor adventures as they are easily accessible and allow you to have all your essentials within reach without having to carry a bulky backpack. They are perfect for hiking, sightseeing or festivals where mobility and safety are equally important.

What advantages do bum bags offer compared to other types of bags?

Unlike backpacks or shoulder bags, leather belt bags are compact, lightweight and offer better weight distribution. They prevent excessive carrying on the shoulders and relieve the strain on the back. They are also fashionable and versatile, suitable for many occasions and events. They can complete your outfit and emphasize your style, or keep your valuables safe during activities such as sports or hiking.

Which materials and designs are popular for belt bags?

Belt bags, also called bum bags, are a fusion of functionality and style, expressed through the use of certain materials and the emphasis on size and shape.

Belt bags material:

Canvas : This durable material is often appreciated for its robustness and durability. It conveys a simple but efficient aesthetic. Ideal for sports.

Leather : High-quality buffalo leather is robust, durable and becomes even more beautiful over time. Ideal for travel.

Nylon and plastic : Although these materials offer advantages such as lightness and durability, synthetic fibers are not always the most sustainable choice.

Belt bag sizes:

Small and compact belt bags : For the minimalist adventurer who only wants to take the essentials with him, small and light belt bags are ideal. Up to 20cm long.

Medium models with multiple compartments : These offer more space for accessories and are often equipped with additional compartments that promote order and accessibility. Up to 28cm in length

Large belt bags : For travelers who need more storage space for their things, there are larger models that are still elegant and stylish. Belt bags from 28cm in length.

Are a bum bag and a hip bag the same thing?

Yes, in general, the terms "bum bag" and "waist bag" are often used interchangeably and refer to the same accessory. It is a small bag worn around the waist, across the shoulder or over the hip, designed to carry valuables safely and comfortably. Although there may be regional differences in the use of the terms, they generally refer to the same products: bags equipped with a belt to be worn around the belly.

Is a bum bag a belt bag?

Yes, a bum bag is often referred to as a belt bag. This practical accessory can be strapped around the waist with a belt and is used to safely and comfortably carry important items such as wallet, keys and smartphone while maintaining full freedom of movement. The terms "bum bag" and "belt bag" are generally used interchangeably and refer to the same product.

What else can you use a fanny pack for?

Bum bags as "walking" bags for dog accessories:

Your leather bum bag will become a loyal companion for you and your four-legged friend. Food, poop bags, spare leashes and toys all fit in it and are always within reach. If you like to be out and about with your best friend, whether in the city, in nature or in the country, the bum bag will become an indispensable accessory for you.

Bum bags as beach bags:

Your bum bag becomes a practical companion for the beach and in your free time. Accessories, sunscreen, sunglasses, reading material and small snacks - everything has its place. You have one hand free to enjoy the sound of the waves and the warm sun, while knowing that all the beach essentials are safely and conveniently stored in your bum bag.

Leather belt bag as a bicycle bag for short trips:

If you are out and about by bike, whether in the city or in the country, the bum bag can serve as a compact bike bag for you. Keys, cell phone, wallet, and even a small repair kit can all fit in it. A belt bag is the perfect solution if you are looking for adventure on two wheels without having to take bulky luggage with you. You can turn the belt bag on its side or back when you are riding, so it won't get in the way when you are pedaling.

How do you wear a canvas and leather fanny pack correctly?

Wearing a canvas and leather fanny pack, especially from DRAKENSBERG, requires a balance of functionality and style. It can be worn around the waist or belly for easy access and security, or crossbody over the shoulder for a casual yet elegant look. The high-quality material and craftsmanship ensure that it is both comfortable and fashionable, matching the aesthetic of the cosmopolitan adventurer.