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High-quality leather travel wallets, individually and handmade

We only use high-quality and sustainable materials such as leather and cotton for our range of travel wallets. These original materials give our products their honest identity. They have to go through countless steps of manual work. Each piece is unique.

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Travel wallet »Travis«Travel wallet »Travis«
Travel wallet »Travis« Sale price€99,90
Save €20,00Travel wallet »Travis«Travel wallet »Travis«
Travel wallet »Travis« Sale priceFrom €49,90 Regular price€89,90
Save €30,00Travel wallet »Tom«Travel wallet »Tom«
Travel wallet »Tom« Sale price€49,90 Regular price€79,90
Travel Organizer »Kate«Travel Organizer »Kate«
Travel Organizer »Kate« Sale price€89,90
Passport cover »Pete«Passport cover »Pete«
Passport cover »Pete« Sale price€39,90
Save €19,80Gift Set - Travel Wallet & Luggage TagGift Set - Travel Wallet & Luggage Tag
Gift Set - Travel Wallet & Luggage Tag Sale price€109,90 Regular price€129,70
Save €9,80Gift Set - Passport Cover & Luggage TagGift Set - Passport Cover & Luggage Tag
Gift Set - Passport Cover & Luggage Tag Sale price€59,90 Regular price€69,70
Save €9,70Gift Set - Passport Cover, Luggage Tag & CompassGift Set - Passport Cover, Luggage Tag & Compass
Gift Set - Passport Cover, Luggage Tag & Compass Sale price€79,90 Regular price€89,60

Travel wallet: your luxurious and practical travel companion

Are you looking for a travel wallet that highlights your individuality? Discover original designs that reflect your personality. From subtle patterns to eye-catching details, your travel wallet can be as unique as your travel destinations.

Premium details for discerning travelers

Take a look at the fine details that elevate a travel wallet into the luxury category. Handcrafted workmanship, precise stitching and fine embellishments give your wallet an aura of exclusivity. Enjoy the touch of luxury on your travels that only high-quality materials and craftsmanship can offer.

Everything in one place – documents, tickets and more

Forget the hassle of searching for your flight tickets or boarding passes - with a travel wallet you have all your important documents in one place. From your passport and ID cards to the foreign currency you need: your travel wallet keeps everything neat and within easy reach.

Entry and exit in no time

When traveling on vacation, there are often moments when you need to have your documents to hand quickly. Thanks to the intelligent division of your travel wallet, you can easily access your passport, entry documents and visas. Whether at check-in, at security checks or passport control - your travel wallet makes the process of entering and leaving the country easier for you.

Maintain style when travelling

Your travel wallet is not only a practical companion, but also an expression of your personal style. Whether on business trips or exploring exotic places - with a high-quality wallet you can make a fashion statement while maintaining your sense of style.

Versatile use and durability

Your travel wallet not only accompanies you on your travels, but can also be a valuable addition to your everyday life. Use it as a stylish wallet or to safely store important documents. The durability of high-quality materials ensures that you will enjoy your travel wallet for a long time.

Leather or canvas?

Do you prefer the elegance of leather or the rustic charm of canvas? A high-quality leather travel wallet exudes timeless sophistication, while canvas creates a casual yet stylish impression. No matter which material you choose, your travel wallet will accompany you in style on every adventure.

Protection against data theft - with us the RFID blocker is standard

RFID protection in travel wallets is designed to protect the payment cards and personal information contained therein from unauthorized access by RFID (radio frequency identification). RFID technology is used in many modern credit and debit cards to enable contactless payments. The cards send information wirelessly to a reader without having to be physically inserted into the card reader.

The RFID protection in our travel wallets prevents criminals from intercepting or copying the data on your cards without authorization. We have incorporated a special membrane between the outside and inside that blocks and disrupts the transmission of RFID signals.

Which article is the right one?

Travel Organizer:

A travel organizer made of fine leather is the perfect addition for style-conscious travelers. With its attractive design, it not only offers organized storage for your travel documents and money, but also has a special compartment to safely store your tablet or eBook reader. This sophisticated combination of functionality and elegance allows you to have all your important documents and electronic devices conveniently in one place when traveling. Whether you are traveling on a business trip or an adventure vacation - the leather travel organizer combines style and practicality at the highest level.

Large travel wallet:

A large travel wallet is characterized by its spacious design, which allows a variety of documents, cards, money and other travel items to be stored safely and in an organized manner. It often offers several compartments for passports, ID cards, airline tickets, boarding passes, foreign currency, credit cards and even small items such as pens. Due to its flexibility, our Travel Wallet Travis is ideal for travelers who want to have all important documents close at hand in one place and need a lot of storage space.

Passport case:

A leather passport cover is a slim and specialized wallet designed to keep your passport and a few cards safe. It is more compact than a large travel wallet and focuses primarily on protecting your passport from wear, creases and dirt. A passport case can also be a stylish accessory. Our models also offer practical card compartments, for example for mileage cards.

Small travel wallet:

A simple wallet can be practical when traveling to keep foreign banknotes and coins safe. In contrast to a large travel wallet or passport cover, the focus here is on managing country-specific currencies and means of payment. Exactly what you need in terms of payment options for day trips and what you can't leave in the hotel.

Choosing the right color:

Natural elegance: A brown travel wallet gives a timeless and versatile look, ideal for business trips and style-conscious appearances.

Adventurous and fresh: A green travel wallet symbolizes closeness to nature and is ideal for active or adventurous travel.

Versatile combination: Beige exudes relaxed elegance and goes well with different outfits and occasions, a neutral choice for a stylish wallet.

Travel Wallet - What other names are there for travel wallets?

There are various synonyms and alternative names for a travel wallet. Here are some terms used to describe similar products:

Travel wallet: This term emphasizes the combination of a wallet and a bag for travel documents.

Travel organizer: An organizer specifically for travel documents and papers. These organizers often have a compartment for tablets or a special place for an eBook reader.

Travel folder: A folder or bag for storing travel documents and money. Above all, plenty of space for all important documents.

Travel Wallet: The common Anglo-Saxon word for travel wallet.

Travel document bag: A bag for safely storing travel documents.

Passport holder: A holder or case for the passport, often in combination with 3-5 card slots

Travel wallet: A combination of "travel" and "purse", indicating a purse for traveling.

Travel document holder: A holder for various travel documents.

These terms may vary depending on context and region, but they generally describe similar products aimed at helping travelers keep their documents, funds, and other travel essentials safe and organized. We use the terms travel wallet and travel wallet in our store.