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Reisetasche David von Drakensberg aus Leder, Havanna-Braun, groß, für Damen und Herren

Leather weekender, handmade to perfection

Leather weekenders are not just travel bags. They embody timeless elegance, are always on trend and symbolize incomparable good taste. As a versatile piece of luggage, they are real must-haves and belong in every wardrobe. Discover our diverse selection of unique designs.

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Weekender »David« (L)Weekender »David« (L)
Weekender »David« (L) Sale price€239,90
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Save €39,90Set/2 weekender »David« & toiletry bag »Ruby«Set/2 weekender »David« & toiletry bag »Ruby«
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Travel bag »Ray«Travel bag »Ray«
Travel bag »Ray« Sale priceFrom €219,90 Regular price€249,90
Travel bag »Finn«Travel bag »Finn«
Travel bag »Finn« Sale price€229,90
Save €34,90Set/2 Weekender »Finn« & Toiletry Bag »Ben«Set/2 Weekender »Finn« & Toiletry Bag »Ben«
Set/2 Weekender »Finn« & Toiletry Bag »Ben« Sale price€279,90 Regular price€314,80
Save €50,00Set/2 weekender »John« & toiletry bag »Theo«Set/2 weekender »John« & toiletry bag »Theo«
Set/2 weekender »John« & toiletry bag »Theo« Sale price€239,90 Regular price€289,90
Weekender »Mitch«Weekender »Mitch«
Weekender »Mitch« Sale price€219,90
Sold outWeekender »David« (M)Weekender »David« (M)
Weekender »David« (M) Sale price€229,90

What is a leather weekender?

A leather weekender is much more than a conventional travel bag. It is a classic piece of luggage and an indispensable companion for anyone looking for a stylish and practical way to transport their belongings, whether for a weekend trip or for extended short breaks of up to 5 days. The models are characterized by their high quality workmanship and their timeless character.

Equipped with a characteristic horizontal zipper, these travel bags are easy to pack and offer quick access to all your important things. For comfortable transport, there is also a removable shoulder strap that can be attached as needed. This makes the leather weekender travel bags suitable for both men and women and proves their versatility as a true companion for every occasion.

In contrast to traditional suitcases, these weekend bags are more flexible and lighter without sacrificing elegance or functionality. Leather weekenders are unisex and fit seamlessly into any travel ensemble, whether casual or elegant. They are not only a classic, but also a statement for all those who want to see quality and style combined in one piece of luggage. They transform every weekend trip into a stylish experience and set standards for future travel adventures.

Which leather weekender for men and women is the best?

Drakensberg's leather weekenders are not just simple travel companions, but true works of art in terms of design and craftsmanship. These bags represent a rare combination of aesthetics and functionality, inspired by the travel culture of the 18th and 19th centuries. In a time when travel was an adventure, each weekender reflects the spirit of discovery.

Each leather travel bag is unique and goes through over a hundred steps of handcrafting. Only high-quality and sustainable materials are used, such as buffalo leather, which impresses with its robustness and its characteristic patina and vintage look. The cotton lining perfectly complements the natural material. The attention to detail is evident in various aspects, such as the carefully placed seams, the robust metal elements and the leather-trimmed carrying straps. In addition, the zippers come from well-known manufacturers such as YKK, which ensures the longevity of the bags.

Drakensberg leather travel bags are not only fashionable statement pieces, but also extremely practical. They offer plenty of storage space and various carrying options, including removable shoulder straps. The socially responsible and sustainable production, which does not involve any middlemen, makes these bags not only an ethically clear luxury, but also an affordable one.

In a world where fast-paced life and mass production often dominate, Drakensberg's leather travel bags are a symbol of quality, craftsmanship and timeless design. They are more than just travel bags - they are a statement for all those who see travel not as a change of location, but as a way of life.

What characterizes an excellent leather weekender?

A first-class leather weekender combines durability with a timeless look. Our premium models are based on designs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The material - in this case high-quality, full-grain leather - should be robust and natural. Even our linings are made of durable cotton twill.

High-quality leather doesn't need any tricks. Our full-grain buffalo leather comes entirely without the usual foam lamination. Our leather bags are made from honest hide.

In addition to the quality of the materials, the workmanship and design of the seams are crucial. Reliable metal elements such as zippers and buckles are just as important. We use YKK zippers here and attach importance to details such as leather-trimmed carrying straps.

Our high-quality buffalo leather develops a beautiful patina over time. Every trip will leave its mark, full of memories and joy.

What functions should a leather weekender offer?

Size, dimensions and capacity:

Check that the leather weekender offers enough space and interior compartments.

Material and durability:

A leather travel bag should be made of robust and durable materials.

Carrying options:

Different carrying options, such as a removable shoulder strap, are a plus.

Organization and subjects:

Inside and outside pockets as well as separate shoe compartments can increase travel comfort.

How big does a leather weekender have to be?

The size of a leather weekender for men and women depends largely on the intended use. For a short vacation, short trip or weekend excursion lasting 3-4 days, a model with a volume of around 40 liters is ideal. Such a weekender made of high-quality buffalo leather has space for everything you need for your trip: clothes, toiletries and maybe even a small book or laptop.

The beauty of a leather travel bag of this size is its versatility. It offers sufficient storage space without being bulky. In addition, many models of this size comply with the hand luggage regulations of various airlines, which makes your trip even more comfortable.

Before you decide on a specific model for men or women, you should consider what kind of trips you want to use the leather weekender for. For longer trips or if you need more luggage, a larger model with a volume of up to 60 liters could be an option. However, for shorter trips or as a supplement to a larger suitcase, a 40-liter leather travel bag is an excellent choice. It combines style, functionality and quality in a timeless design.

Does a leather weekender count as hand luggage when traveling by plane?

A leather weekender for men and women is not only an excellent weekend bag, but also an elegant travel companion that is ideal as hand luggage for air travel. Before you head to the airport, however, it is advisable to check the specific hand luggage regulations of the respective airline. These vary in terms of permitted weight, sizes and dimensions.

The advantage of a weekender leather bag for men and women as hand luggage is that it offers optimal space. Compared to conventional hand luggage, the weekend bag often offers more flexibility in organizing your items without exceeding the permitted total weight. In addition, many models are available in different sizes, so you can choose the volume depending on the length of your trip and your needs.

A leather travel bag combines elegance and functionality in a travel companion that is ideal as hand luggage for air travel thanks to its flexibility in terms of space and weight. A real all-rounder that combines style and practicality.

Which leather travel bag for a 1 week trip?

For a week's trip, we recommend a leather travel bag with a volume of at least 60 liters.

Is a leather weekender suitable as a sports bag?

Yes, a leather weekender is not only an ideal companion for traveling, but is also an extremely stylish choice for going to the gym or fitness studio. The robust workmanship and elegant design make the bag an accessory that combines both functionality and aesthetics. The spacious interior compartments not only provide enough space for your sports shoes and sports outfits, but also smaller accessories such as a towel, water bottle and personal items can be easily stowed away.

Travel bags from our collection that are equipped with a special shoe compartment are particularly practical. This separate compartment allows you to transport your sports shoes in isolation from the rest of your clothing, sports items and accessories, which makes organization within the bag much easier.

Thanks to the versatility of the leather weekender, the bag goes perfectly with different outfits and occasions. Whether you are going straight from the office to the gym or want to use the weekender as a fashionable bag for everyday life - it is always an elegant and practical companion. This means that the travel bag quickly becomes more than just a gym bag; it becomes part of your individual outfit.

This universal usability makes the leather weekender the perfect choice for people who value style and functionality in their dynamic lives. A true all-rounder that perfectly complements your needs in the gym, during sports, in the studio and beyond.

How do I care for a leather weekender?

Leather travel bags with a vintage charm or used look should proudly display their signs of wear. This gives the weekender character. If you still feel the desire to clean your weekender, then it is best to follow these three steps:

  1. Remove dust and loose dirt with a brush or handheld vacuum cleaner.
  2. For stubborn stains, take a clean, damp cloth and dab gently. If necessary, you can use a mild soap solution.
  3. Occasionally care for the leather of the bag with special leather care products such as beeswax or carnauba wax. Make sure that the patina is preserved.

Is a leather weekender suitable as checked luggage?

A leather weekender is generally suitable for use as checked-in luggage on flights, but we would like to warn against checking in such valuable travel bags carelessly. Due to their design and the high-quality materials used, weekenders are not only practical travel companions, but also aesthetic accessories. However, many airports pay little attention to the quality of the travel bags. Scratches, scrapes or even cracks in the leather structure are almost unavoidable during the rough baggage handling process.

If it is unavoidable to use the leather weekender as checked luggage, we recommend looking for a wrapping service at the airport. Wrapping it in protective film can minimize potential damage. In addition, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the specific baggage regulations of the respective airline before traveling, especially with regard to permitted sizes and weight restrictions for travel bags.