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Classic canvas and leather toiletry bag

The timeless but historic charm of our canvas toiletry bags and leather dopp kits is perfectly matched to our luggage. Precious handmade unique pieces made of fine buffalo leather and cotton fabrics. With many practical compartments and lovely details. Perfect for your next trip around the world.

The ideal man's gift: leather and canvas toiletry bag by DRAKENSBERG.

Are you still looking for an unusual Christmas or birthday gift for a special man in your life? Is the person a globetrotter or world traveller? Then our men's leather and canvas dopp kits might be a nice gift idea. Our travel toiletry bags have many lovely details, many practical compartments and are made almost entirely by hand from natural materials. Unique pieces that awaken the wanderlust.

What is a toiletry bag?

A toilet bag or toiletry bag is a small bag or pouch for storing hygiene articles, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, or cosmetics for personal hygiene. The bag is mainly used when travelling. The term "toiletry bag" has only been in use since the middle of the 20th century and is based on a variation of the term "toilet" In other words, the place where this bag is usually kept and used. Other common terms for the toiletry bag are dopp kit, wash bag, toiletry kit pack and necessaires. The term “necessaire” derived from French.

What form of toiletry bags are there?

We offer 3 basic types of toiletry bags made of canvas and leather in our shop: Rollable toilet bags for hanging, e.g. Sid, dopp kits with a fixed form, e.g. Glen and expandable toiletry bags, e.g. Ruby. Choosing the right toiletry bag depends a little on the area of use and your own taste. Our toiletry bags are all durable, handmade and robust.

How big should a men's toiletry bag be?

The toiletry bags from DRAKENSBERG all have a capacity of approx. 5 litres. In our experience, this is the ideal size of a dopp kit for men. All the important hygiene items that you need for trips of up to 3 weeks fit into toilet bags of this size.

Which is the best toiletry bag for men?

The toilet bags from DRAKENSBERG are everything, but not ordinary. Sustainability is not an advertising slogan for us, but part of the product design. We are primarily concerned with authentic men's dopp kits made of leather and canvas that could have been produced in a similar form 100 years ago. In other words, with natural materials, without the use of plastic.

At the moment, there is really no brand manufacturer that could serve as a role model for us. Even the „big names" in the industry continue to rely on the classic leather chrome tanning and manipulate the surfaces of the leather.

Behind "vegan" leather there is often plastic anyway. It is very rare to find imitation leather that is actually made from 100% plants. Unfortunately, the term "natural leather" is also currently out of date. For us, a leather that is reinforced with foam is not "natural leather" but an inferior leather. We only use full-grain buffalo leather for our leather dopp kits.

In the 21st century, a good men's toiletry bag should also trigger a good and honest feeling and should not make empty promises. At DRAKENSBERG, we avoid the use of plastic as far as possible. Our leather or canvas is therefore not laminated with plastic. Our outer fabrics do not contain any plastic fibres. The leather used is sustainably vegetable tanned, even if not entirely without chrome. Unique pieces with corners and edges, but with soul.

What is special about the canvas dopp kits from DRAKENSBERG?

Traditionally, we only use genuine canvas made of 100% cotton for our canvas toiletry bags. Especially in the leather goods industry, you unfortunately find many synthetic materials today that are falsely called canvas. Genuine canvas is exclusively made of cotton.

Our cotton fabrics have a weight of 16oz or approx. 450g/m2. Furthermore, our canvas is hand-dyed and then washed until the authentic DRAKENSBERG vintage look is achieved.

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