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Pencil cases and cases for writing instruments

A good pencil case is a purchase for a lifetime. Infinitely practical and infinitely versatile. Use our handmade leather cases to store your stationery, organise your make-up or use them as a travel case for charging cables and plugs.

What is a pencil case?

A pencil case or pencil box is a container used to store pencils or pens. A pencil case can also contain a variety of other stationery such as sharpeners, pens, glue sticks, erasers, scissors, rulers and calculators. Pencil cases can be made from a variety of materials such as leather or canvas.

What`s so special about pencil cases from DRAKENSBERG?

Sustainability is not an advertising slogan for us, but part of our design. We are concerned with authentic lifestyle accessories. Fair production with natural, authentic materials. As far as possible without plastics.

Therefore, our leather or canvas is not laminated with plastic. The leather used is sustainably vegetable tanned, even if not entirely without chrome. An original with rough edges, but with a soul factor.

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