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High-quality duffle bags for women, lovingly handmade

Stylish travel companions for the confident woman: Discover our handcrafted duffle bags made of canvas and leather, in the classy vintage design of the 19th century. Each duffle bag is a genuine unique piece and is meticulously crafted with passion in a small workshop. Old world craftsmanship meets timeless elegance.

What is a Duffle Bag?

Duffle bags for ladies and gentlemen are large, elongated bags for clothes and travel accessories with short handles. These garment bags are usually closed with a long horizontal zipper. Duffle bags belong to the classic travel luggage and are the ideal choice for a weekend trip or a relaxed journey of up to 7 days. With their generous dimensions, they offer ample space for your clothes and personal belongings.

An alternative name for a ladies' duffle bag is a weekend bag or weekender bag. These duffle bags are generally slightly smaller and more feminine in appearance but don't differ significantly in shape. Ladies often prefer lighter and more eye-catching colors such as cognac-brown, khaki-beige, blue, and black.

Compared to suitcases, a duffle bag for ladies is often more flexible and lightweight. It combines functionality with elegance and quality, making it a companion for a lifetime.


What makes a good duffle bag for ladies?

A high-quality ladies' duffle bag embodies durability and timeless design, qualities that make them desirable even for future generations. Our exclusive duffle bags for ladies draw inspiration from the aesthetics and design of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which continue to influence the creation of high-quality leather goods to this day. Duffle bags should preferably be made from natural materials such as leather or cotton, with beautiful details like leather applications or an interior compartment to accentuate their authentic character.


What categories of ladies' duffle bags are there?

In our shop, we offer various categories of duffle bags for ladies made from cotton and genuine leather. Finding the right bag can be a small challenge, so the following descriptions should help you with your decision:

Duffle bags with integrated shoe compartment:

Products of this type are not only ideal for business trips but also suitable as stylish gym bags. Choose a model with a shoe compartment to store your shoes separately from the rest of your clothes. It's also practical for dirty laundry.

Weekenders for weekend trips:

These compact and handy duffle bags made of leather or canvas are true classics designed specifically for weekend getaways. With a volume of about 40 to 60 liters, they provide sufficient space. Some weekender models can also serve as an alternative to carry-on suitcases on flights.

Large duffle bags for longer vacations:

Our large duffle bags for ladies are suitable not only for short trips but also for longer adventures. If you're traveling for more than 5 days, an XL duffle bag with a capacity of 60 liters is often a good alternative to a wheeled suitcase. You can find a wide selection in our online shop.


Which ladies' duffle bags for which occasion?

For business trips:

For business trips with overnight stays, we recommend our smaller duffle bags with a volume of 40 to 50 liters, such as the Weekender Finn or Toby. Especially in most major cities like Berlin, New York, or London, the distances are short, thanks to public transportation, making a weekender the perfect companion.

As a gym bag:

In principle, all of our duffle bags are suitable as everyday gym bag. We especially recommend our duffle bags with a side shoe compartment. This way, you can pack your sneakers separately or use the compartment for damp or dirty laundry.

For weekend getaways:

In our shop, you'll find a wide selection of weekender bags in various designs that are perfect for short weekend vacations or visits to relatives with overnight stays. Colors, sizes, materials, or designs are entirely up to your personal taste. Our top recommendation is the Weekender David (M), an absolute eye-catcher and loyal companion.

For trips up to 7 days:

For vacations or trips lasting up to 7 days, only large duffle bags with a 60-liter capacity, like the Steve model, are suitable as companions. It's surprising how much clothing and items are needed for travels, especially considering the difference between summer and winter trips. For winter travels, wheeled suitcases are more suitable, as they offer higher storage volume and rolling suitcases make it easier to transport heavy winter clothing.


What features should ladies' duffle bags have?

Size, dimensions, and capacity:

Make sure the duffle bag provides enough space to store your luggage and personal items. Depending on the duration of the trip and your personal needs, you can choose from various sizes. Pay particular attention to the guidelines for carry-on luggage of the respective airline, especially for air travel.

Material and durability:

A duffle bag made from high-quality and durable material, such as sturdy leather, is a good choice. This ensures that your duffle bag can withstand the stresses of travel and ensures long-term durability. Most leather bags develop a beautiful patina over time. Leather usually comes at a slightly higher price compared to canvas.

Carrying options:

Check whether the duffle bag offers various carrying options, such as a removable shoulder strap and handles. This way, you can carry the bag comfortably and flexibly, according to your individual preferences and needs. The installation and removal of the shoulder strap are straightforward.

Comfort and compartments:

Consider whether you prefer a duffle bag for ladies with various compartments and organizational options to keep your clothes and items organized. All our duffle bags have an interior compartment with a zipper for travel documents such as tickets, passport, and wallet. Some bag models also offer exterior and interior pockets. A separate shoe compartment on the side can help keep dirty shoes separate from clean clothes. Perfect for use as a gym bag as well.

Style and designs:

Choose a duffle bag or weekender that matches your personal style and preferences. We offer various material options and designs to meet your individual taste and ensure that your duffle bag is both functional and aesthetically appealing.


How to carry a ladies' duffle bag correctly?

Evenly distribute contents:

Ensure that heavy items inside the duffle bag are evenly distributed to maintain balance and avoid back pain.

Proper lifting:

When lifting the duffle bag to a higher position, for example, into the luggage compartment of a train or plane, make sure to bend your knees and lift with your legs instead of straining your back.

Carrying position and transport:

Ladies' duffle bags have handles and shoulder straps. If the weekender is not too heavy, you can simply carry it by the handle. When heavily loaded, you should use the shoulder strap to distribute the weight evenly on each shoulder and reduce the burden.


Do ladies' duffle bags count as carry-on luggage?

A duffle bag and gym bag are excellent choices for carry-on luggage on flights. However, it is essential to always check the specific regulations of the airline before departure. Small duffle bags, such as weekender bags for ladies with dimensions of up to 55 x 35 x 25 cm, should generally not pose any problems. The information in our shop always corresponds to the maximum dimensions. If a duffle bag is not filled to the limit, most of our range should be suitable as carry-on luggage.

Aside from size, the total weight is also crucial. Many airlines restrict carry-on luggage to a maximum of 8 kg. Therefore, it's important to ensure that the weight of the duffle bag stays within this limit.


Can ladies' duffle bags be used as checked luggage?

Yes, duffle bags for ladies can be used as checked luggage on flights. However, we recommend against it, as the duffle bag could get soiled. If circumstances require it, we suggest looking for wrapping service stations at the airport and having your men's duffle bag wrapped in plastic film before checking it in. Although not the most sustainable option, it is a viable emergency solution.

It's also advisable to protect and organize the contents of your duffle bag before checking it in. For example, use packing cubes or other organizational solutions to pack neatly and minimize potential damages.

Also, make sure that the weight of your duffle bag complies with the airline's regulations for checked baggage to avoid additional fees. Inform yourself in advance about the weight restrictions and guidelines of the airline, as excess baggage comes at a cost. The ticket should provide indications about the class you're traveling in.


Which ladies' duffle bags for a 1-week trip?

For vacations lasting up to one week, a duffle bag or gym bag with a 60-liter capacity should be sufficient. You'll find many products of various sizes, designs, and price ranges in our online shop.


Which ladies' duffle bags for a 2-week vacation?

For a two-week trip, a duffle bag or gym bag for ladies may not be the optimal choice. Instead, a ladies' trolley suitcase with 80-100 liters of storage volume would be more practical. Unless the circumstances of the trip allow space for two pieces of luggage, in which case two duffle bags with 40-60 liters could also be considered. For example, during road trips by car. Currently, we offer bags with a storage volume of up to 60 liters, but some of our duffle bags can be expanded to 80 liters if needed.