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Sailor bags with backpack function in maritime duffel design

Our sea bags are modelled on the iconic maritime sailor bag and traditionally handmade. Our bags get their particularly authentic vintage look from the use of full-grain buffalo leather and pure cotton canvas fabric. Made for real world travel.

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What is a sailor bag?

A sailor bag is a large duffel bag with backpack function made of coarse canvas. Sailor bags, also called kit bags, are still used today by the military, especially the navy, to transport and store soldiers' personal equipment. The emphasis is less on high carrying comfort than on the simple stowage of larger quantities of clothing and personal items for longer ship passages.

The first historical mention of duffel bags dates back to the 18th century in the Belgian town of Duffel near Antwerp, which at that time was world-famous for canvas and coats made of strong woolen fabrics. To this day, the classic sailor bag or duffel-like sea bag is called a "duffel bag" or "duffle”.

What are the advantages of a sailor bag when travelling?

The biggest advantage of sailor bags is the low weight in relation to the packing volume. The second big advantage is the stowability. Especially on boats or in small cars, storage space is often limited. Sailor bags can be stowed relatively well, yield in shape and thus help to make optimal use of small storage areas.

What is special about the canvas and leather sailor bags from DRAKENSBERG?

We base the design of our vintage duffle bags on historical models from the 19th century. When designing our canvas and leather sea bags, we have stayed as close as possible to the originals. Which means that we use synthetic materials as much as possible and mainly cotton and full-grain buffalo leather for the construction.

Are DRAKENSBERG canvas sailor bags waterproof?

Our leather and cotton sailor bags are not waterproof or water-resistant. We deliberately produce our duffle bag designs without impregnation and plastic components for visual and aesthetic reasons. However, our vintage bags can be impregnated relatively easily and are then at least water-repellent. Colorless impregnation sprays for leather and textiles are suitable for this, e.g. IMPRÄGNOL Universal Impregnation Spray.

Alternatively, our canvas can also be treated with wax. For example, with Dr. Gee's waterproofing wax. We recommend testing the wax on an inconspicuous area before waxing the entire fabric on the sea bag. Please note: The color will usually be slightly darker due to the impregnating wax.

What is a military bag called?

A duffel bag, sailor bag, or ditty bag is a large bag in shape of a sack made of cotton canvas, historically with a top closure using a drawstring. Generally, a sailor bag is used by non-commissioned personnel in the military, and for travel, sports and recreation by civilians.

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