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Payments via PayPal are governed by the payment terms of PayPal. Learn more at

PayPal also allows non-members to make purchases using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or via bank debit memo and purchase on account.

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Amazon Payments

Payments via Amazon Payments are governed by the payment terms of Amazon Payments. Learn more at

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SOFORT Überweisung

Payments via SOFORT Überweisung are governed by the payment terms of SOFORT Überweisung, a service of SOFORT AG. Learn more at

Payment with SOFORT Überweisung kis possible, if you have an online-banking-account in one of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Hungary, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Slowakia.

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In the case of prepayment, the goods are only shipped to the customer upon the purchase price incl. shipping costs (if applicable) has been passed for payment to the following bank account, specifying the order No. that has been submitted to the customer in the order confirmation:

Owner: eQuatorial GmbH
BLZ: 54850010
KTO: 1700189036
IBAN: DE52 5485 0010 1700 1890 36
Sparkasse Südliche Weinstraße

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