Making Of - Handicraft from DRAKENSBERG


1. Design

Our products combine the best of the past and the present. To this end, we dig deep into the history of travel, thus bringing the early 19th century style of journeying back to life. Prior to serial manufacture, each product has undergone a multi-stage design process to ensure highest functionality and quality.

2. Tanning & Ageing

Our leathers are tanned in a particularly gentle manner using vegetable tanning agents. Before cutting, the hides are dyed by hand to give them the peculiar aged look that is so uniquely characteristic of our products. The patina is created by means of a high-quality leather dye based on carnauba wax.

Tanning & Ageing
Leather Pre-cut

3. Leather Pre-cut

Before further processing, the leather is cut to shape. This is largely done by hand. In cutting the hides, we take great care to avoid unnecessary waste so the material is almost entirely brought to use. What little scraps are left go into small leather applications and our accessory collections.

4. Textile Pre-cut

The required textile parts are individually cut from templates. All fabrics used in our products are specially weaved for us. Wherever possible, we use pure cotton fabrics, paying homage to our historic exemplars. Synthetic fabrics are used only where inevitable due to constructional or functional reasons.

Textile Pre-cut
Preparation for Sewing

5. Preparation for Sewing

Before the individual parts are assembled, the pre-cuts are shaped, rolled and cobbled. This extra work step contributes significantly to the final stability and outline of our products. It is in this work step, too, that padding is introduced into some bags to provide cushioning.

6. Sewing

The thus prepared components are then assembled to give our products their final shape. This is the only production step that is carried out with the help of machines. The thick leathers we use require enormous force to stitch, which can only be exerted by special heavy-duty sewing machines.


7. Finishing

In a final production step, the necessary metal parts and connecting pieces are added to the products. Nearly all our metal components are made of brass. They are machined, albeit according to our precise design specifications. After manufacture, the metal components are given a special „aged“ finish, which is achieved by a galvanic plating procedure.

8. Quality Assurance

Each individual product is thoroughly inspected for faults and quality defects. We pay particular attention to controlling the seams. As each product is a one-of-its-kind specimen, variations in colour and hue are part of our bags' and accessories’ individual character. We believe that it is this lack of uniformity that gives our products a soul of their own.

Quality Assurance