About us

About us

Between us, we have travelled far more than two million air miles. Our journeys have taken us to the most remote corners – from North to South and from East to West. More often than not, we brought home suitcases full of extraordinary souvenirs that would stir a lot of attention at home.

We created the DRAKENSBERG brand because the travelling culture of the early 19th century will never cease to fascinate us: the Golden Age of adventurous travelling and travelling adventurers. With our products made of leather and canvas, we wish to revive the spirit of this époque, to appeal to your excellent taste and to make a statement against uniformity.

We draw the inspiration for our product design from our journeys, from history books and ancient travel reports. In the course of cultural change, many of these artefacts have fallen into oblivion or have been sacrificed to industrial progress. It is our mission to recreate these cultural assets of the past in their original form, yet with a modern identity. To this end, we combine traditional handicraft with contemporary zeitgeist.

Together, we look back on 50 years of professional experience in the fields of product design, development, construction, production and sales. We maintain the highest standards in regard to our products, selling only what we would appreciate ourselves. We pay great attention to the superior quality of our materials and attach much value to a high ratio of handicraft. Our products are meant to touch our customers, to move and fascinate them.

In terms of price, our ware can easily compete with standard modern mass products. We accomplish this by forgoing the intermediate trade. We buy our goods from the original makers and sell directly to our clients.

During production we pay attention to high-quality and sustainable materials such as vegetable tanned leather and 100% cotton fabrics (canvas), which are AZO-color-free. The entire supply chain is socially responsible and is regularly reviewed by us on side.

Daniel Krämer, Christoph Vollmer & Randhir Singh